Moving Averages Cross

This Indicator helps you spot crosses between moving averages.
Thought to combine short term and long term strategies.
A complementary element for your trading tool belt.

The First study (short term):
Helps you visualise the relation between two simple moving averages (9,21) by default.

The Second study (long term):
Helps you identify the relation between three simple moving averages (50,100, 200) by default.
Spot Golden Crosses and Death Crosses from far.

Simple Moving Averages Indicator.
Explore 2 Studies

First study:
The relation between 2EMA
Default: 9EMA and 21EMA

Second study:
The relation between 3MA
Default: 50MA, 100MA and 200MA

Spot Trend direction and Golden/Death Crosses.
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Wow. Awesome. Hope to use this in the future. As (a bit of) a newb to pine (and trading) it's nice to see such clean, concise, code. Effective, simple too.
Laforge451 trading113k
@trading113k, thanks! hope you find it useful
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