Heatmap I made/reverse engineered.

Currently tracks the 4 following oscillators:
- CCI (Channel Commodity Index)
- MFI ( Money Flow Index)
- VZO ( Volume Zone Oscillator)
- RSI ( Relative Strength Index )

Any feedback or suggestions highly appreciated.

/* Inspiration taken from @ByzantineGeneral (TradingView profile: /u/ByzantineGeneral, indicator: /script/keAGdnWO-Byzantium-Oscillator-Heatmap) */
版本注释: Clarified user input.

- Changed levels (editable = false) -> These where transparent 100% anyways so made the input screen unorganized.
- Changed plot (editable = false) -> These where transparent 100% anyways so made the input screen unorganized.

Only the inputs that have visual difference are now being shown i.e the fill colors
版本注释: New version because the screenshot of showing the indicator was not sized properly.
版本注释: VERSION 1.4

On request, I added buy/long and sell/short signals dependig on certain conditions. The indicator will display those above or below the heatmap. Unfortunately, I had to add some 'whitespace' above and below the heatmap for the signals to become visible, otherwise the signals would blend in with the heatmap.

I want to keep this as a standalone indicator. If you want me to turn this into a strategy, let me know and i'll make a new script for this.
版本注释: VERSION 1.5 (because why not)

Added color gradients instead of using if/else stacks for choosing color. Thankfully, a gradient framework was already in circulation by @PineCoders
You can find the framework here:
- Removed the two 'whitespace' horizontal lines again so it looks more clean in my opinion.
- Changed the plotchart symbols to the color white so it is visible even if the oscillator has the maximum color gradient assigned.
- Added more comments to the code for better reusability
版本注释: VERSION 1.6

- Added input for customizing the colors that are used for the gradient (Default values: #0097A7, #9C27B0 - Bullish, Bearish)
- Removed the Oscillator inputs and turned them into constants (Default values: 14, 28, 14, 28 - RSI, VZO, MFI, CCI )
- Removed some unnecessary code: unused color constants and colors needed for previous versions
- Reformatted the code for easier source reading and reusability


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