Full strategy Psar+ adx + cmf + rsi

This ia full strategy made with a combination of a trender, volume , volatility and oscillator.

In this case we only go long.

Indicators used:
Default PSAR
Default CMF
Modified RSI logic, not using OB/OS
ADX with EMA applied

The rules are : we check if we are in a uptrend on psar, together with a positive value in volume , rsi is above the middle line(50), using a big length, and lastly the ADx is superior to the ema ADx
For exit, we check the opposite, like downtrend psar, negative value volume , rsi < 50, and adx < ema adx

If you have any questions let me know.

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Brilliant script thanks. How would I add a specific percentage as a stop loss to this strategy. So say if it reaches 20% down, it activates the stop loss? I would like to have a stop loss and the normal exit conditions aswell.
awesome open source script!