Algo Trader Intraday Tool

Algo Trader Intraday Tool is a script that detects the trend and determines entry into the market based on price action / strength. To detect the trend, the volatility metric is used and is based on 2 standard deviations, one fast and one slow. The value of the fast standard deviations, will allow the indicator to be closer to the price, else the metric will be closer to the slow standard deviation which helps the indicator from changing trend and giving the expected results.

Additionally the tool is designed to monitor the strength of the market using more than 5 built-in indicators and thus making a firm alert for BUY and Sell. Also clients will get an option to customize Four EMA to re-check the quality of alerts generated by this tool.

Since the tool is designed for Intraday, Every start of the day is marked with a vertical violet line, which makes it easier to check the past performance of this tool.

Algo Trader Intraday Tool is designed and tested for Indian stock market (NSE, BSE and MCX ).

Tool is designed to use for Intraday trading only. 3 or 5 mins time frame charts are recommended to use.

Use the instruction below to obtain access to this indicator
从常用脚本中删除 添加到常用脚本


can i trial? thanks
+2 回复
Please share me the access, I will pay for it
@Algo-Trader Looks, awesome mate.Please can you give me access ? Thank you in advance!
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