The indicator measures the relationship between Average True Range (ATR) that shows how much an asset moves, on average, during a given time frame and Standard Deviation that measuring how widely asset prices are dispersed from the average price. If prices trade in a narrow trading range, the relationship between the ATR and SD will return a low value that indicates low volatility that will lead to potential price quick movement.

To increase the accuracy of the indicator and reduce false signals, it generates three circles, each indicate protentional price quick movement coming. For circle to print, following criteria must meet:
• Green Circle is based on low volatility and both ATR and SD are at minimum value for a short pre-defined time frame.
• Magenta Circle is based on low volatility and SD are at minimum value for a long pre-defined time frame.
• Yellow Circle is based on low volatility and SD are at minimum value for a short pre-defined time frame and Average Directional Movement Index reaching to pre-defined level.

The indicator focuses mainly on identifying potential price quick movement. However, it is equipped with two signal that is generated upon crossing the keltner channel upper or lower bands to help identifying the direction of the price movements but the user shall study the chart on big time frame to confirm the direction of the price movement.

If you would like to use it, please drop a message or find other contact under my signature.

After purchase, open the TradingView indicator library. Under the Invite-Only Scripts section, you will see it. Add it to your chart and save your chart layout.
版本注释: New release to add text to circle shapes

Green circle: "Mid" mean Medium low volatility signal.
Fuchsia circle: "High" mean Very low volatility signal.
Yellow circle: "ADX" squeeze linked with Average Directional Movement Index.
版本注释: Added input to enable or disable trend signals
版本注释: Combine all signals into one signal. When all are signals are valid then signal plotted
版本注释: The new version segregated the ADX - MACD - BB @=& Keltner Squeeze signals so the user can complain and tune the settings to best provide excellent exposition signals
版本注释: Add the Bottom and Top Expert
版本注释: Included the top and bottom advisor .

اضافه خبير القمم والقيعان
版本注释: Changed the default parameters
版本注释: Add option to enable the bottom and top signals
版本注释: Enable adjusting the top and bottom levels
版本注释: Added a feature to change the time farm of bottom and Top expert.
版本注释: Enable alerts for Supper Trends as well the top and bottom levels
版本注释: Added Pivot Points (Support & Resistance)
版本注释: Improved the bottom and top calculations
版本注释: Automate the indicator seetings according to the ticker timeframe and price volatility (Auto Drive mode!)
Also include a panel that shows the price basic information such as pivots support and resistance, Moving Averages, 52 week high and low and daily average price range.
版本注释: Improved the setting automation part, strengthen the trend algo signals and added technical analysis's report.
版本注释: enable plotting the support and resistance on the chart with other miner modifiications
版本注释: تعديلات على الاعدادات الافتراضيه لنقاط الدعم والمقاومه تغير من خط مستقيم الى نقاط
版本注释: Combine all alerts into one alert to easy the use of boom and trend buy/sell signals use.
版本注释: Miner modification for the trend algo to allow quick signal hunt.
版本注释: Add a trend algo continuation signal to enable trades to evaluate reentrance . Adjust any alert function to alert on candle close.
版本注释: Added a filter to the trend algo to enable capturing strong trend signals
版本注释: Fix the report issue


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