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This strategy is designed for trading stocks and crypto currencies on the long side.
It uses three different timeframes to determine the most profitable entry prices (Day, 4 hour and chart interval).
The strategy employs ten different setups to accommodate both range trading and trend following markets.
The system contains sophisticated algorithms that scale to varies chart intervals.
Tailored to perform best between 4 hours to as low as 10 minutes.
The entire system consists of three tools: HullbusterScope, HullbusterBacktest and HullbusterSignal.
Hullbuster scope is used to obtain configuration information about the market instrument which will be applied to the HullbusterBacktest.
Commit an iterative approach to the backtest tool until the simulated results match your entry and exit expectations .
Apply the HullbusterSignal to the chart and use the same backtest configuration to setup actual trading alerts.
Jan 29
版本注释: Test of the Tradingview publish system
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