Daily Candle Cross

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simple cross of daily candle close
从常用的脚本中删除 添加到常用的脚本
//                     simple cross of daily candle close
strategy("DailyCandleCross", shorttitle="DCC", overlay=true, calc_on_order_fills= true, calc_on_every_tick=true, default_qty_type=strategy.percent_of_equity, default_qty_value=75, pyramiding=0)
A=security(tickerid, 'D', close)
B=security(tickerid, 'D', close[1])
    strategy.entry("Long", strategy.long)
if(not C)
    strategy.entry("Short", strategy.short)
This is a repaint?
Thank you @SeaSide420 you are a great person I appreciate you.
This thing is trash. To all dumbasses who think there going to find a million dollar strategy on this website think again. No one gives free crap away especially when it could make them millions of dollars. As for this, it is just trash. Nothing particularly reliable or ground breaking. Don't waste your time for miracle strategies.
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SeaSide420 Rsherman
@Rsherman, you sir, are the dumbass. yes people do give away things, just not to you.
this indicator is an example of repainting. I do not suggest to use it. I would have deleted it years ago, but TV will not allow that.
Have you tried Indicator420b?
it will make you 1 million dolla!
it is free
(also the CCI_Hull is great)
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Rsherman SeaSide420
@SeaSide420, If you can name one strategy on this website that has above 50% profitable and is profitable consistently in real market conditions and not extremely curve fit. Then I will be the dumbass.
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I really like this strategy. I use it on 4 hour charts.
Is it possible to change/shift the start and close time of the daily candle?
Now I find signals at 5 am in the morning (GTM+1).
I love this strategy. if you dont mind me asking, what is this based on?
SeaSide420 rich15stan
it really is simply a cross of Daily candle close.
which means:
when daily candle closes, it has a value, lets say 0.7015
during the next candle (day), the program compares the current price value to the previous close value.
If the current price is lower (0.7014), it will decide on SELL, if price higher (0.7016), then BUY.

this one works the same way, but is better.
the reason that one is better is because it does maths with the values.
it divides the value down into a fraction value, which makes less crossings as price wiggles past crossing value, so less repainting, it also has HullMA cross added to its thinking.
and also with that one you can set a StopLoss amount, and therefore see a more real performance in the report.

Yes it repaints, they all repaint. which means if you reload the page after price has gone back through decision threshold then it might "repaint" the signals.
refreshing the page will show perhaps signal change.
So, basically, if its wrong, and the page is refreshed, its wrong signal will disappear.
therefore the report showing 93% Percent Profitable is not correct for this strategy. you will get traderage when you follow its signal but it takes it back when its wrong.
fair enough too, i understand the newB traderage when loss happens due to Noobness. I do not recommend following this strategy signals blindly, but it is a great tool.

I am not too worried about repaint, as I made this strategy into an Expert Adviser for MetaTrader4 (automated trading robot). It does great, the actual profit percent is 60 - 70 %
(results: average monthly profit 50% of equity (SETTINGS: position_size=10%, TP=420 SL=33 Trail_SL=20 (pip)))
download it here for free (Decision-Threshold EA)
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rich15stan SeaSide420
Thanks man that really helps a lot. I cant wait to download it and let it run on auto. Is that what timeframe you trade on is daily? I do daily, and 4hour. But I want to become a longer term trader like 3-4 days. I think this will really help. You do great work?
SeaSide420 rich15stan
the EA runs on Daily chart for best results.
this strategy here on TV, best on 1 hour, but also ok on 15Minute
Cool how you put a question mark after the comment "you do great work?"
LOL as
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