SuperTrend Momentum Chart

(My goal creating this indicator) : Provide a quick way to check the current momentum of multiple timeframes. The Smart Momentum Chart was intended to be a live trading tool that should be used when a trader has already defined his edge and no longer needs the past Momentum data.

The Underlying Concept

What is Momentum ?
The Momentum shown is derived from a Mathematical Formula SUPERTREND , when price is above SUPERTREND its bullish Momentum and when its below SUPERTREND its Bearish Momentum. This indicator scans for candle closes on the timeframes you've selected and when there is a shift in momentum it notifies the trader with a color change and an alert if one was set up.

Technical inputs

- If you want to optimize the rate of signals to better fit your trading plan you would change the Factor input and ATR Length input. Increase factor and ATR Length to decrease the frequency of signals and decrease the Factor and ATR Length to increase the frequency of signals.
Quick TIP! : You can Sync all VFX SuperTrend Indicators together! All VFX SuperTrend indicators display unique information but its all derived from that same Momentum Formula. Keep the Factor input and ATR Length the same on other VFX SuperTrend indicators to have them operating on the same data.

Time Frame Inputs

- Your able to fill the chart with up to 8 timeframes
- If You don't need all 8 you can limit the amount to display by changing the "Time Frame Amount"

Display Inputs

- You can change the size of the chart and the color of the text
- You can toggle ON if you want to be signaled when a momentum switch occurs ( bullish to bearish or bearish to bullish )
- Your able to pick the Bullish and Bearish Colors of the Momentum switch

How it can be used ?

- Easily check the momentum of other Timeframes and use that information as a variable in your trading plan.
- quickly glance and know the momentum of any time frame before you enter any trade
- always know the momentum of the higher time frames
- Eliminate the need to switch from current chart
- Get an abundance of information in one location
- Have clear variables to structure your trades around


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