Financials on Chart

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This indicator displays your choice of up to 9 fundamentals on your chart.


You can configure the following attributes of the display:
 • Its position on your chart.
 • Automatic or custom height and width of rows.
 • The size and color of text.
 • The default background color (you can override it with a custom color for individual values).
 • Conversion of values expressed in USD to one of the major currencies. Financials are normally expressed in quote currency.
     Conversion to other currencies is only done when the symbol's quote currency is USD.
 • Choose if the currency used for the financials is displayed. Note that some financials are calculated values that are not expressed in currency units.
  No currency will be displayed for these values.
 • Abbreviate large values.

For each value, you may:
 • Pick one of the 222 financials available in Pine, or one of five values calculated from the financials (Market Cap, Earnings​ Yield​, P/B Ratio, P/E Ratio​ and Price-To-Sales Ratio).
 • Choose a period (see the "i" icon near the first value's fields in the script's inputs for a list of exceptions).
 • Specify the value's precision.
 • Change the legend displayed with the value.
 • Adjust the text's size.
 • Use a custom background.


When changing the indicator's inputs, allow a few seconds for the change to be reflected in the display.

If your chart displays a symbol for which the configured financials cannot be fetched, an error will occur.

Not all periods are available for all fundamentals or for all markets. What financial data is available in Pine? will give you an overview of the available periods for each value. The page also contains the formulas used for the five values we calculate from the financials. This page shows the typical reporting frequency for different countries.


See What is Financial Data? and Why does Financial Data differ from other sources? for more information on the data used by this indicator.

This lists all the financials. Clicking on one will bring up more information about it:

Market Capitalization
Earnings Yield
Price Book Ratio
Price Earnings Ratio
Price-To-Sales Ratio

After tax other income/expense
Average basic shares outstanding
Other COGS
Cost of goods
Deprecation and amortization
Diluted net income available to common stockholders
Diluted shares outstanding
Dilution adjustment
Discontinued operations
Basic EPS
Diluted EPS
Equity in earnings
Gross profit
Interest capitalized
Interest expense on debt
Non-controlling/minority interest
Net income before discontinued operations
Net income
Non-operating income, excl. interest expenses
Interest expense, net of interest capitalized
Non-operating interest income
Operating income
Operating expenses (excl. COGS)
Miscellaneous non-operating expense
Other operating expenses, total
Preferred dividends
Pretax equity in earnings
Pretax income
Research & development
Selling/general/admin expenses, other
Selling/general/admin expenses, total
Non-operating income, total
Total operating expenses
Total revenue
Unusual income/expense

Accounts payable
Accounts receivable - trade, net
Accrued payroll
Accumulated depreciation, total
Additional paid-in capital/Capital surplus
Tangible book value per share
Book value per share
Capitalized lease obligations
Capital and operating lease obligations
Cash & equivalents
Cash and short term investments
Common equity, total
Common stock par/Carrying value
Current portion of LT debt and capital leases
Deferred income, current
Deferred income, non-current
Deferred tax assets
Deferred tax liabilities
Dividends payable
Goodwill, net
Income tax payable
Net intangible assets
Inventories - finished goods
Inventories - progress payments & other
Inventories - raw materials
Inventories - work in progress
Investments in unconsolidated subsidiaries
Long term debt excl. lease liabilities
Long term debt
Long term investments
Note receivable - long term
Other long term assets, total
Minority interest
Notes payable
Operating lease liabilities
Other common equity
Other current assets, total
Other current liabilities
Other intangibles, net
Other investments
Other liabilities, total
Other receivables
Other short term debt
Paid in capital
Gross property/plant/equipment
Net property/plant/equipment
Preferred stock, carrying value
Prepaid expenses
Provision for risks & charge
Retained earnings
Short term debt excl. current portion of LT debt
Short term debt
Short term investments
Shareholders' equity
Total assets
Total current assets
Total current liabilities
Total debt
Total equity
Total inventory
Total liabilities
Total liabilities & shareholders' equities
Total non-current assets
Total non-current liabilities
Total receivables, net
Treasury stock - common

Capital expenditures - fixed assets
Capital expenditures
Capital expenditures - other assets
Cash from financing activities
Cash from investing activities
Cash from operating activities
Deferred taxes (cash flow)
Depreciation & amortization (cash flow)
Change in accounts payable
Change in accounts receivable
Change in accrued expenses
Change in inventories
Change in other assets/liabilities
Change in taxes payable
Changes in working capital
Common dividends paid
Free cash flow
Funds from operations
Issuance/retirement of debt, net
Issuance/retirement of long term debt
Issuance/retirement of other debt
Issuance/retirement of short term debt
Issuance/retirement of stock, net
Net income (cash flow)
Non-cash items
Other financing cash flow items, total
Financing activities - other sources
Financing activities - other uses
Other investing cash flow items, total
Investing activities - other sources
Investing activities - other uses
Preferred dividends paid
Purchase/acquisition of business
Purchase of investments
Repurchase of common & preferred stock
Purchase/sale of business, net
Purchase/sale of investments, net
Reduction of long term debt
Sale of common & preferred stock
Sale of fixed assets & businesses
Sale/maturity of investments
Issuance of long term debt
Total cash dividends paid

Altman Z-score
Asset turnover
Beneish M-score
Buyback yield %
Cash conversion cycle
Cash to debt ratio
COGS to revenue ratio
Current ratio
Days sales outstanding
Days inventory
Days payable
Debt to assets ratio
Debt to EBITDA ratio
Debt to equity ratio
Debt to revenue ratio
Dividend payout ratio %
Dividend yield %
Dividends per share - common stock primary issue
EPS estimates
EPS basic one year growth
EPS diluted one year growth
EBITDA margin %
Effective interest rate on debt %
Enterprise value to EBITDA ratio
Enterprise value
Equity to assets ratio
Enterprise value to EBIT ratio
Enterprise value to revenue ratio
Float shares outstanding
Free cash flow margin %
Fulmer H factor
Goodwill to assets ratio
Graham's number
Gross margin %
Gross profit to assets ratio
Interest coverage
Inventory to revenue ratio
Inventory turnover
KZ index
Long term debt to total assets ratio
Net current asset value per share
Net income per employee
Net margin %
Number of employees
Operating earnings yield %
Operating margin %
PEG ratio
Piotroski F-score
Price earnings ratio forward
Price sales ratio forward
Price to free cash flow ratio
Price to tangible book ratio
Quality ratio
Quick ratio
Research & development to revenue ratio
Return on assets %
Return on equity adjusted to book value %
Return on equity %
Return on invested capital %
Return on tangible assets %
Return on tangible equity %
Revenue one year growth
Revenue per employee
Revenue estimates
Shares buyback ratio %
Sloan ratio %
Springate score
Sustainable growth rate
Tangible common equity ratio
Tobin's Q (approximate)
Total common shares outstanding
Zmijewski score


This script uses the Pine financial() function to fetch the values it displays.

Look first. Then leap.

Changed the calculation of Market Capitalization, Earnings Yield, Price Book Ratio, Price Earnings Ratio and Price-To-Sales Ratio so they use the `close` price rather than the `open`.
Updated to Pine Script™ v5

Minor change to resolve errors on symbols without financial data.

 • Fixed a bug that was causing issues in the rendering of certain financial data points.
 • Enhanced the currency conversion process by integrating and the `currency` parameter directly. This has streamlined the method from two separate functions into a single, more efficient one.
 • Increased the breadth of currency coverage to 20 currencies.
 • Implemented general formatting updates to align with the Pine Script® style guide.

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