[EmreKB] BB Trend Magic

The BB Magic indicator is a trend-following tool that operates similarly to the Trend Magic indicator but uses the upper and lower values of Bollinger Bands. It works by dynamically adjusting its reference point based on the price's relationship with the Bollinger Bands.

Initially, the indicator uses the Bollinger Bands' lower value (BB Lower) as its reference. If the price reaches a higher BB Lower value, the BB Magic value is updated to this new BB Lower. This process continues as long as the price remains above the BB Magic value.

However, if the price closes below the BB Magic value, the reference point switches to the Bollinger Bands' upper value (BB Upper). In this case, the BB Magic value is updated to the new BB Upper value if the price creates a lower BB Upper. This mechanism helps capture downtrends effectively.

Whenever the price crosses above the BB Magic value again, the reference point switches back to BB Lower, and the cycle repeats. This approach allows the BB Magic indicator to adapt to price movements and trend changes more accurately, providing a reliable tool for traders to analyze market trends and make informed decisions.

Feel free to share your experiences and feedback on using the BB Magic indicator.

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