This Indicator will help you to find some potential bullish and bearish block.

This indicator, only provides just the the potentials ORDER BLOCKS followed by imbalances.

Forms of using this indicator:
- Plotting the ORDER BLOCKS CANDLES with the color that you prefer
- Plotting the zones given with the ORDER BLOCKS
- Both of them

Indicator Parameters:
- Customizable Candles colors
- Customizable Boxes colors
- Customizable amount of boxes displayed

PD: I just prefer the first one so i can get a clean chart, but it´s up to you.

Inner Circle Trader Institutional ORDER BLOCKS FOREX Theory

Today we are talking about the infamous ORDER BLOCKS by ICT forex trading Strategy. Order Blocks have proven to be a very effective tool in trading as they allow traders to gain high reward with low risk trades.

What is an Order Block? - The Order Block is a specific price range or candle where institutions will be buying or selling against the retail trend/dump money.
Institutions leave order blocks for themselves to trade at a later stage. They will reverse the price to a previous order and then driving the price hard in the direction of the trend (The real institutional trend).
These order blocks we can also call them specific levels of either going Long or Short. If an order block is violated or broken, it now qualifies as a Breaker, meaning Price will retest back to that order block. Sometimes we call it a failed order block.

Types of OBs:
i. Bullish Order Block (BUB)
ii. Bearish Order Block (BEB)
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