Liquidity Trendline With Signals [StratifyTrade]

The Liquidity Trendline is an indicator designed to identify potential breakouts by utilizing pivot points. These pivotal moments can trigger significant market reactions, either by breaking out or by serving as breakout and retest signals.


The indicator contains the following features:

  • Period of the calculation
  • Padding (spacing between the 2 lines)
  • Signal for breakouts


As shown in the example, breakouts can be powerful points to see reversions in the market and can lead to a lot of volatility in the market.

When a trendline is broken, a signal will be plotted; the user can disable/enable those signals.

A trendline is formed when 2 consecutive pivot points are found, each of them lower or higher than the previous one. this is the anchor point for our trend line that we will use to spot rejection or breakouts

The delay in the creation of those trend lines will be the period input used to find the pivot point on the chart.

Another good example is using these trendlines as simple retests.

Prices bouncing on top of them will suggest a possible continuation of the current trend.

We can filter out stronger breakouts by looking at how many times the price has rejected the trendline, more rejections will result in more liquidity once the price breaks it.

Signals are plotted on the chart for every breakout that happens.

Another good utility is simply using them as retest once the price breaks those levels and holding above/below them, indicating a possible support or resistance area used for confluence

Here is another good example of how we can correctly spot price deviating from our trendline and spotting powerful continuation in price.

As said before we can filter out bad and good breakouts simply by looking at how many times rejected from those levels.

More rejection will result in a stronger reaction


This script is as simple as that and can be used in a few ways to spot reversals, price continuation, or even sentiment in price (bullish or bearish).

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