AppCoins (APPC) Long Position. Breakout, Now Let's Trade.

BINANCE:APPCBTC   AppCoins / Bitcoin
This is the first live trade that I've posted on TradingView. For the sake of transparency, I'm going to post where I entered, the targets that I'm looking for, and my general approach to trading. While I keep about half of my investment in larger-cap coins like COINBASE:BTCUSD and BITTREX:ETHBTC , I do like to roll the dice with some of these lower cap coins. I like BINANCE:APPCBTC for a few reasons.

  • BINANCE:APPCBTC has been steadily declining for a while now, making it cheaper in comparison to the highs we saw in early January
  • It looks like COINBASE:BTCUSD is turning upwards, meaning money going into altcoins will go back up just as it did late last year
  • We saw significant volume on BINANCE:APPCBTC , meaning this could be a P&D, but the price has held for long enough that I don't think that's likely

This is a riskier trade because we still only have a sub $100M market cap, but hey, higher risk means higher reward. Let me also note that I am trading this long, I have no expectations for this trade to take a couple of days, a couple of weeks or even a couple of months, as long as we're seeing growth. As with all trades, let's lay out the numbers:

Buy-in: 0.00009
Stop-loss: 0.000054 (40% loss)


(1) 0.00013190
(2) 0.00017043
(3) 0.00019750
(4) 0.00022457
(5) 0.00025806
(6) 0.00031219 (match all-time high)
(7) 0.000405847 (30% growth from 6th target)

My strategy with this is pretty simple. Hold and sell on target. When I choose to sell depends largely on market behavior, but would look similar to:

(1) Sell 5%
(2) Sell 10%
(3) Sell 10%
(4) Sell 15%
(5) Sell 15%
(6) Sell 20%
(7) Sell 25%

(1) Hold
(2) Hold
(3) Hold
(4) Hold
(5) Sell 10%
(6) Sell 50%
(7) Sell 40%

I know that this is different than a lot of crypto traders, who throw money into a trade and hold until it moons. By selling pieces at each target, you (1) lock in gains and (2) secure capital to finance future trades. If you were to do the "SAFE" trade with the targets and the sell percentages that I laid out, you'd be looking at an ROI for right around 110%. If you take the "AGGRESSIVE" trade, you're looking at 182%. Again, it's up to you, but these are a couple of strategies I use depending on market conditions.

I'd like to hear your thoughts on BINANCE:APPCBTC ! Are you also trading it or does this look like a P&D to you? Please comment below, as the more input we see, the more informed we are!

*** This is not a recommendation to buy or sell, this is for educational purposes only! ***
交易开始: As I said, it looks like I entered into this trade a bit early, but let's see where it goes! Please like, comment or follow if you found this trade idea interesting/useful/stupid/anything else!
评论: If you're following this trade, here's an update for you. We're seeing a slight consolidation back down to the 0.000095 level, in my opinion, this is a very good sign of the long-term. Why? It looks like APPC was overbought. Looking at the RSI, we exited the purple channel yesterday. It's currently back down now within our channel and it looks like we're preparing for the next upward move. Sit tight everyone, the gains will come!
评论: We're down to 0.000088 levels, still looking like we're pulling back a bit. We're still far away from the stop loss.
评论: Still experiencing a pullback here, I'm expecting a bounce within the next day
评论: I'm not seeing the volume needed to push upwards and we're still slipping here.
评论: I will hold off updating this until we see significant movement in either direction. This is not a short-term trade and I am long-term in this TA.
订单已取消: I'm pulling out in the short-term until BTC settles down. We have a downward trending channel and are staying within it. RSI shows slightly oversold, but not enough to indicate a change in direction.

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