I was too late in this stock that went SUPERNOVA due to work. When I saw this stock it was already up +300 %, from the low $2s to the $6. #1 top % gainer in the whole US-market.

The catalyst for the explosive rally was the report of positive mid-stage trial results for an inflammation therapy targeted toward patients with bladder pain syndrome, or interstitial cystitis.

The price action was taking place on a much higher volume than average. Over 50 million shares changed hands compared to its 20-day average of 2.46 million shares.

The stock went higher and higher and didn't really stop. With this much volume I decided to go long. But because it was already up insanely much, I didn't want to risk a big pullback.So I traded carefully.

Little did I know, it reached all the way to the $11.7 before it pulled back a little.

This big move in a stock is really rare. But it can happen with penny stocks.
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