ASX:ASL Long Indication

P/E Over 24
P/B 1.11
Last yearly report, net debt was wiped by well over 100m leaving only 216m left. Debt may not be completely wiped, but a hint at dividends returning could be possible. Operating profit returned positive after two consecutive years negative. If net profit after tax exceeds 70m and debt is decreased by 50m+... This will be fantastic. The share price will exceed $3.

A stock so fundamentally strong with good earnings - this may soar.
Earnings should be strong as the price of gold has not diminished, iron ore has also returned over $60/tonne.
I have an order in for 1300 shares at $2.16 strike. I feel it is early enough to bet on earnings without getting in high and late after the pre-earnings hype.
Earnings on the 23rd.

If earnings look anything like last year... wowzers.

评论: 87% of total revenue is from gold production.
评论: Earnings have come in at 7pm today. Based on my analysis of the report, the price should gap up tomorrow to achieved our target price of at least $2.50.

It was mixed bag of results but it was ultimately good.

The Media release and earnings report were filled with pushing how great they did on revenue growth (53% increase) but that was overshadowed (in my opinion) by decrease is NET profit after tax. Net profit was still positive, but it did not exceed FY16 coming in at only 31.4m as apposed to 58m.

The worst statistic was that net debt actually increased minutely from 216m to 222m. However, gearing was slightly improved because of the huge revenue increase.

The main attraction was an increase of dividends from 2c to 4c/share.
This should bring fixed income investors back into this stock.

All in all, the numbers are not very impressive but should be good enough to achieve the conservative target shown on the graph.
We will see exactly how important those dividends are to investors.
Prospectively, this company looks like it is set up to pay off a huge chunk of debt by next year.
评论: It is unlikely that fixed income investors will buy with these types of results as dividend stability needs to be realised. These results are not very solid.
评论: Nearing target.
评论: 2.51

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Hi GrantPeace, this is a great analysis. Do you have any views on other ASX listed stocks?
GrantPeace TomUnderwood
@TomUnderwood, Hi Tom, thanks for the kind words.
I do have some mark-ups. I will try to share as many as I can.
TomUnderwood GrantPeace
@GrantPeace, thank you! That would be great.
This particular trade could a be a good buy but overall, IMO Australian market is a big short
TomUnderwood RyanVarghese
@RyanVarghese, why is that?
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