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评论: What is the trend strength today?
评论: when CS was at 26-1
what was the strength?
评论: on 30-3
评论: Above is the explanation how you know the strength
评论: I am now officially confused .. I lost track
So wait for me to ask a new question please
评论: New question
when CS was on the 5th of april, what was the strength of the trend and was that good or not
评论: wow .. no one knows?????
评论: wow

this is reaaaaly confusing now
评论: ok let's do it another way
评论: I'll give you a chart and a timeframe and you tell me the strength at this moment
评论: eurusd daily
评论: this is easy now
come on
评论: EURUSD on H4
strength and actoin
评论: did it confuse you?
评论: So no one knows what the strength of the H4 EURUSD trend is????
评论: Lively bunch
评论: I am asking about EURUSD not AUDUSD
评论: Anyone who answers now, please send me a chart
评论: Guys .. come on
look .. where CS?
评论: ok I'll give you a hint
what is CS sitting on top of?
评论: ok
on EURUSD CS is currently sitting ON TOP OF A CANDLE
That is a value of 0
So no trend here
评论: Did anyone not get it yet?
评论: The trend strength is 0
评论: Because CS is on top of a candle
评论: That means that price now is exactly as it was 26 candles ago
so how can there be a trend?
do you get it now?
评论: Guess what
You were all right and i was wrong
CS was past price but I could not see it because it was hiding under TS
评论: So the right answer is 8
评论: ok let's do H4 gold
评论: Thanks
6 is correct
I am not sure what I was doing trading Ichimoku before, but this is just one more thing that makes your philosophy top notch. Measuring strength of a trend from the CS is both logical and without subjectivity. By adding trackprice to my chickou span, I see immediately the relative strength of the trend. Something other Ichimoku educators seem to ignore or worse, gently gloss over how to assess a trend strength with Ichimoku. Some use angles others use different indicators, but you...one more reason I am following every post you make. Thanks
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Ichimoku_Trader ShirokiHeishi
I highly appreciate everyone who takes the time and makes the effort to follow me and i genuinely tried to develop my PanOptic Trading Method to be deserving of its name. Remarks like yours make me very happy because they show me that people realize the effort that was put into the development of the system and the value that it adds over traditional ichimoku trading.

Thank you

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Yes, 6 maybe it is not so good strength, but if it combined with a sign of a pullback, so then it could be a good place to enter, right?
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I do wonder why in your educational chart you stop counting on the 11th of march ( The arrow with the count of 6 ). Yet on the 21st and 22nd of march (the arrow with the count of 21) you cut through two candles with your counting line. Why is that?

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I did not notice them
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Bayron2304 Ichimoku_Trader
No problem.
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Gold H4 is 6
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GOLD H4 is 7, so not so strong trend
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xauusd is 6 good trend down
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7, good trend
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