AUDUSD: Multi Setup

FX:AUDUSD   澳元/美元
Good day everyone!

We have a very nice 2h AUDUSD chart ready for the next week. 0.7243 is a key resistance level and 0.7010 is a key support level . In addition there is a very nice diagonal support (red trend line ) which was broken recently. This is an overall view of the chart. Now let’s go in depth and build our setup.
There is a very nice bullish Bat pattern which is almost completed. The completion level is 0.886 fibs of XA leg @0.7091 which is a nice support level as well if we look left. The red rectangle at this level is our PRZ (Potential Reversal Zone) where our buy limit order will be placed and stops will go about 15-20 pips below X. The best entry zone will be between 0.7110 and 0.7091. Our first target will be 0.382 Fibonacci of AD leg @0.7156. If we look this level carefully this level is a neckline of a double top , left top is A point and the right top is B point; so this will be our potential target 1. The second target is somewhere in 0.618 Fibonacci of AD leg 0.7196 and resist level 0.7156. Now comes a very interesting setup, where we are going to go short. The current setup is called 2618; which means the price has broken a neckline of double top , then it reversed and hit 0.618 fibs level which is a signal for bears to wake up. So we will do, our sell limit order will be placed at this reversal zone and stops will go above the key resistance level 0.7243. Our first target will be 0.7091 and the second target will be the key support level 0.7010.
For additional confidence look at RSI , the price is at the OS (oversold) level, if we look left we see that this level acts like a support. Besides there was a divergence for double top pattern.
In conclusion, this is our technical analyses for AUDUSD . Good luck and let’s see what the market does.
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