When Comes the Cash for Bitcoin Cash? — BITCOIN CASH (BCH)

My dear crypto friends, it's analysis time again for Bitcoin Cash! The altcoins are still in the dawn and they are slowly awakening from their beauty sleep. While XMR is hyperactively exploding, BCH is still covered with a blanket and slowly trying to find a way out of her bed. Compared to my first publication this time around I tried to clean things up and provide more accuracy. What was especially missing the first time were TRENDLINES! By looking more thoroughly where to draw a trendline at the 4H chart I recognized that BCH is still within the downward channel (highlighted with the pink trendline , representing the top of the downward channel ).

It looks like that we're currently at the verge of the pink trendline , the neckline of the inverse head & shoulders (IH&S) pattern, and the 50 EMA (acting as support). Heavy resistance comes from the neckline which has a slightly negative slope. While yesterday BCH was trying to break out of the $1295-$1300 range, the neckline currently needs to be beaten above the $1285-$1290 range. If BCH manages to break above the neckline, the next resistance is the pink top of the downward channel . If the pink trendline is conquered as well, BCH will have three strong supporters: the 50 EMA , the neckline, and the top of the downward channel . Next challenge is then the . 618 retracement from the recent $1630 high. Another important resistance zone to overcome will after that be the .5 retracement that currently converges with the 200 EMA . In case BCH fails to break out of the downward channel and fails to break out above the neckline, then the approaching 50 EMA could be lost as support with subsequent bearish development.

So a lot of challenges ahead of BCH. We keep observing things closely. The day is young. BCH just woke up and she is (hopefully) full of energy. =)

*** The information provided here is no recommendation to buy or sell. It's just an idea for educational and discussion purposes. ***

We are in a key moment for BCH. I have zoomed in into the 1H chart above to have a clear picture of the battle field including the 3 described trend lines:

- 50 EMA (orange) still acting as support
- Neckline of IH&S (red dashed) being tested as support
- Top trendline of downward channel acting as resistance

In case you're trading with BCH be sure to have a good stop loss in place in case we don't manage to break resistance of the downward channel. Development over at BTC may be supportive of the breakout. We keep observing.
评论: It's the 30 minutes chart. Sorry.


Volume is increasing. Price is above 50 EMA, above neckline, and above the pink trendline. Let's see whether BCH can get support above these levels.

The heavy convergence of all above mentioned trendlines looks like a messy battlefield for BCH. The neckline turns out to be a major resistance zone while the 50 EMA keeps its support alive. There is no breakout yet above the pink trendline.

Looking over at BTC it is currently forming a head & shoulders pattern on the 15 mins and 30 mins chart. This could temporarily lead to a price decline to around $11.150. By taking the current BCH/BTC price of 0.111 into account, this could lead to a decline of BCH price to $1.240 or further below. The 50 EMA could then be lost as support with further temporary declines. So be careful when trading and consider a buy back at a lower price.
评论: Updated idea:

problem with trying to buy back is in the past it can explode upwards. I am prepared to hold this bag.
@qdoc, Is that theory still popular? :-)
qdoc fiki
@fiki, no. but my spidey senses are tingling ;-)
+1 回复
@qdoc, Are there any new rumors or any soon to be released important news on BCH which we should know? :-)
qdoc fiki
@fiki, i think roger ver can co have a big conference, he's been talking the talk but as you know it's a solid coin. But probably not the longterm future of crypto (but psss neither is btc imho). Just due a big pump i think. And it could be a short term threat to the king when fomo kicks in.
@qdoc, Thanks for the info. So it looks like we have potentially interesting developments in the short-term. Curious to see how everything plays out. :-)
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