This is a continuation of an older Idea I made, you can see it at the bottom of this one.

I've made this new one because the other one was already filled with a lot (some unnecessary) updates. This new idea has the same concept of the older one but I'll keep it "cleaner"

Since the all time high at 2017/12/17 which finished the wave 5 of BTCUSD a (huge) ABC corrective wave was expected.

We can see that during Wave A we got a pump before it dropped again, wave B was all normal, and wave C is doing the same as A it dropped to 9.2k (closed on 11.1k) then went up and now its doing the last drop which is expected to go to the 0.786 Fib level around 8.5k

After ABC comes a new 12345 which means BTC is almost ready to set new ATH's, but to prove the point that BTCUSD is very bullish we can see BTC is inside a HUGE Bullish Flag:
And it is also inside a Bullish Bat:
(I know that the Bat numbers aren't correct but I just want to do a quick sketch of what I think is happening)

I think that in a few days when February starts BTC will get ready for new all time highs.

In my opinion the buy zone would be near this rectangle:

I'll stop updating the older idea (you can still click it on the Related Ideas link if you want to see my older analysis) and keep this one simple but with the important details

Have a nice day and Trade Safe!
TD: 1D

Ichimoku results are better longer the TF, so 1D is good to take assumptions and conclusions.

We can see that yesterday's and today's Candle tried to break in the cloud, but it failed, thus making that a double top, this means we already have 2 BIG bearish signs (to complete wave C)

On top of that, price is bellow cloud, and tenkan is bellow kijun, these two factors mean trend is bearish.

We can also see that the last 2 candles are a Bearish Engulfing Pattern (if it closes like this or lower)

For now we are bearish to the 8.5k levels.

Trade safe.

8.0k to 8.5k Target (again)

Bearish flag also says around 8.0k

Trade safe!

Price as of now is at 10.5k
评论: This maybe another Bull Trap to the 14k levels! Don’t get fooled!

We may see this Bull Trap head to the 14k levels if the Blue trend line is broken! (Around the 11.7k)
评论: Last called based on this great Idea:
Give a look!
评论: Nothing much to update in my opinion.
On the 26th we'll see some action because of Futures BTC.
Trade safe!

Being rejected for 2/3 days in a row.

Also MA50 < MA100
评论: (2/3 days because I posted it on the 23rd, we can see the first rejection was near the 6th of January)

Great Idea, we should see another bulltrap to the 14k/15k (I've already said that on the 23rd just scroll up a bit)
评论: Last idea is from:

Since ATH we saw a big dump, after that a small impulse wave, followed by a retracement and then we saw a big impulse, after that we saw a big dump, followed by a small impulse which was followed by another retracement, price was already rejected by the blue line a lot of times which means it it break (upwards) we may see price touch the bottom of the cloud and if it breaks we might see the top being touched (marked in the white lines with breaks)
评论: Basically wave C is doing what A did before doing B (kind of confusing but the chart before this comment explains it)

Blue: Main downtrend
Pink: Symmetrical triangle (also new downtrend)
Blue circles: Previous touches on the trend line

We are inside a symmetrical triangle, price was already denied like 5 times lets see which way we break, if we break upwards target is that circle around 13.9k

A break downwards could mean a drop to the 10k nor 9.2k and if support doesn't hold, 8k.

Trade safe!

We broke upwards, lets see, target is around that circle.

Trade safe!

Red: Main downtrend
Green: Previous symmetrical triangle (when it broke upwards we saw price increase)
Blue: New symmetrical triangle (didn't break trough yet, we must wait!)

Green triangle shares some resistance with the blue as we can see on previous breakout denies.

Price should test the support (base of the triangle in green)


Kijun (red line) is crossing (upwards) Tenkan (blue line) in Ichimoku this is a sign of bearish trend! Ichimoku analysis are better on a higher timeframe and 3D is a powerful one!

Lets see if it crosses or if it is just a bounce...

Trade safe!
评论: If price of todays candle doesn't close above $11458 we'll se a Bearish Engulfing Pattern thus meaning price will drop like it did on previous engulfments

New TA!
1 dollah
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angel_lobs mighty_mike
@mighty_mike, 100k ;)
+1 回复
Hello sir. Thanks for your work. Nice TAs and updates. I do mostly agree with your view.

Here is my TA on the FLAG

I personally think C was reached even without the hit of 8K as 9 was strong enought and loaded at 10K bounce

And there is the A-B-C correction repost

(If you make line from last bottom point threw the C and way up .. you will se how nicely we bounced)

+1 回复
angel_lobs anoinvest
Hello @anoinvest, the fact that you use lines to your charts confuses me :) Thanks for your feedback! I agree with you, maybe this Correction is already done... Only time will tell! I'll be doing another TA on BTCUSD based on Triangles! Trade safe and have a nice day!
+1 回复
anoinvest angel_lobs
@angel_lobs, Sorry sir ! Don´t wanted to bother. Just share that waiters for 8K could stay there long time and end up with no bags. Might be fine to load something now and rest if it drops lower. I also have still seeds opened at all under 10K way down to 7 just in case. But I think its highly unlikely. Just open the last H&S TA and make line from the previous low threw the C (BTC) and you will see how it nicely bounced off that support :)

One more time sorry @angel_lobs
Wish you nice rest of a day man !
angel_lobs anoinvest
@anoinvest, Thanks for your support, I'll post another idea in about an hour (max) I also don't think we'll see 8k nor 9k again! Don't have to say sorry, I myself am new here on this markets! Once again, thanks for your feedback! Trade safe and have a nice day!
+1 回复
angel_lobs anoinvest
+1 回复
angel_lobs alansaldana1989
@alansaldana1989, thanks for your feedback!
+1 回复
We are on sub wave 5 of wave C.... Count them, the 4th ( retracement ) was done at the recent high of 13k. They are pretty obvious even at the daily candles that you just posted,
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