Possible BTC movement if not stay above $ 16,000

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An update of the previous analysis of what is yet to come if the BTC             stays below $ 16,000, I will update as we get new confirmations, if there is any abrupt change I will make a new idea, and as always the suggestion is drawn in green line of what I expect.
Uma atualização da analise anterior do que ainda está por vir se o BTC             se manter abaixo dos $16.000, vou atualizando conforme obtivermos novas confirmações, se ocorrer alguma mudança brusca farei uma nova ideia, e como sempre fica a sugestão desenhada em linha verde do que espero.
评论: As we have reached the goal and still have not had aggression in the purchases, I update the analysis with the new movements still possible, it is expected to see the aggressiveness of the purchases in this next drop.
Como já chegamos ao objetivo e ainda não tivemos agressividade nas compras, atualizo a analise com os novos movimentos ainda possíveis, é esperado ver agressividade das compras nessa próxima baixa.

评论: Everything going as planned
Tudo indo conforme planejado

评论: Moment of great decision coming, we will know what is still coming to the BTC
Momento de grande decisão chegando, saberemos o que ainda está pro vir ao BTC

评论: Still needs confirmation, but I leave here the possible movement to come
Ainda precisa de confirmação, mas ja deixo aqui disponível o possível movimento ainda por vir.

评论: Possible new movement for trading inside the final target on 4500
Possível novo monimento para trading dentro do movimento de queda com alvo final em 4500

WalkerCorps AmandaBatistella
@AmandaBatistella, If you have Telegram enter here and u can have the last updates more precisely https://t.me/joinchat/Fe2HEEfRKNz6tIoKwM9EYQ
WalkerCorps GUilhermetv
@GUilhermetv, If you have Telegram enter here and u can have the last updates more precisely https://t.me/joinchat/Fe2HEEfRKNz6tIoKwM9EYQ
hello now with this breach of ltb, believes managed to break the 12k, the background was the same 6k? and now it's only going to be uploaded? not reaching the 4.5 expected? thank you in advance
WalkerCorps AmandaBatistella
@AmandaBatistella, We now have to take care of the 9600, if we break then we will go to 10300 and if broken then we will go to 10800, but still with distrust of fall.

Breaking 11700 is possible to say that it will not go more than 7 or 6k.
4500 ou 5400?
WalkerCorps oliver.prado
@oliver.prado, Final target remains the 4500, the possible correction at 5400 is a second move before reaching 4500.
Do you think you can break the 12.2k and climb up to 17k as I saw in some analysis? Or do you still believe in the 4.4k fund? some update or the same analysis? thank you
WalkerCorps AmandaBatistella
@AmandaBatistella, I really doubt much that it rises straight without retracting, it has many strong resistances yet, including the 12k and as long as it does not break 12k and keep with force above that level, the possibility of strong low still remains high, if it breaks 12k with strength and keep firm above, then we can see the new possibilities.
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