i have three likely scenarios for the primary wave (circle) four correction. the blue path is the most gentle and shallow correction. the red path is deeper retracing 61.8% of primary wave (circle) 3. the orange path which is a crash to sub wave two (red dashed line). after an extended five it is often the case the market will quickly drop back to sub wave two of wave five
seems the current idea isn't valid anymore or am i missing something?
@funtoo, idea is ok... just needed some time for wave 5 to complete. we now have a clear five wave count for the final impulse wave....
sorry but your old idea was much better than this ;
user100000 erelerel
@erelerel, wave (5) did extend and market reached the 100% level as shown in latest post.... i don't understand your comment, it's the same idea but without the wave four correction
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erelerel user100000
@user100000, ok sorry, you are right :)
damdamm erelerel
@erelerel, Sorry I don't get it. Much better FOR YOUR situation as I think. Unfortunately it is not concert of wishes @erelerel. Listen to @user100000 or other wise people. Or publish your first idea finally... :) We are curious your wave count. I hope we will fall down HARD. Watch out for asses. Good luck.
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