Bitcoin Casino, black or red :)

This consilidation is almost ending, it's will probably accelerate any minute now. My guess it will make a false move breaking out downwards and than moving up. I will maybe buy some than. But let's be a bit more objective, shorting is clearly very dangerous now as we have seen and felt the last 2 days :(. But the whole (amateur) crypto world will think the only way is up. That's also not possible, so a bulltrap would be more likely. On the other hand, a 'self fulfilling prophecy' is also possible here pushing it to new highs. Can you still follow all of this?? :) Like i said, Bitcoin             casino!
评论: Its hanging on a small support on the small time frame and on my chart. Lets see what will happen the coming hour :)
评论: The False move has already happend :) Lets see if the rest of my prediction comes true. I am long at 7005. My stop is around the around 6900. Longer stop can be to expensive at this time. first target is 7200, if it reaches i will propably sell half.
Around 7100 i will but my stop at my entry level for a free trade.
good luck
交易手动结束: And i am out on 7420 :) was a nice ride
评论: I think its going to turn any moment now. but shorts are tricky :)
评论: Funny thing than when it all seems to difficult to predict because of being pushed out to mny times or making extreme moves. But when you look at my chart, would this have been a month ago, everyone would have been LONG. But the fear has been put in most people by the smart money, probably many poeple have not done anything. Oke oke, the false move down was something special i predicted :) but the rest, no. Just basics TA
Today is not our day . But when we grow in numbers someday we will make a difference .
For now its just lambo and moon emojis .
Note that volume has been clearly higher on sell bars lately than buy bars. Momentum is decreasing. I think we'll see a drop soon and alts going up.
botje11 veltto_keksi
You are right, the alts are going up, those are probably the ones going back to the alts. But i think new money will bring it higher again, not necessarily above 7400, but we will see :)
The banks, large investment firms and corporations have full control now. They know where the price is going already and the rest of us are just gambling at this point.
JpTraded Box1515
@Box1515, banks or no banks we can’t compete with the whales until we become them so we must surf their waves , sucks you can’t use emojis here bc the wave and surf boards is my fav haha
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Box1515 JpTraded
@JpTraded, I just find it a bit ironic that crypto was created created as a fork of currency that no one controlled and ultimately, all we've done is shifted the control slightly away from gov't (but big private money still has control). In the end, it was naive goal that was never going to be realized.
@Box1515, @JpTraded the fact that crypto is regulated - in most countries - shows you who is really in control (the govt)
botje11 Box1515
There is a big chance yes that the smart money is getting involved now. It's just so easy to manipulate these crypto markets. The crypto's are the hype of this decade, the decade before you had Gold and the Gold mines (like bitcoin and the alt coins :)). The decade before this one you had the Tech bubble. It's always the same shit. When the media is starting to give attention like it's an easy way to earn money, than it's even a better time to get in these markets. But the end of the crypto bull market is not that far away anymore. Greed always fu... everyone. When everything seems 100% guaranteed, then the easy wins will be over
Nice TA Thanks . True it is pure Gambling now .
botje11 RahulBarua
Thanks, yes it is, Shits about to go down i think. You need some steel nerves to trade here.
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