廖鑫晨 BTC上涨进入中继形态,短期有下跌风险


  On the four-hour chart,as BTC rose to break through the ascending triangle pattern this month,the currency price continued to increase in the short term,breaking through new highs,and finally began to stabilize again in the 22553-24000 range,and the currency price re-entered the relay of ladder rise.After the recent currency price fell below the low level of the currency price’s first correction,it has resumed its rise,which proves that the market’s bullish sentiment is still strong.However,in the short-term market trend,the currency price once again touched the upper trend line and the currency price retested the low point.Liao Xincheg suggests that friends who operate contracts should be cautious about making multiple orders.Friends who operate medium and long-term spot stocks can still continue to hold them,and the currency price will break new highs in the future.


  BTC short-term recommendations:activists mainly use short positions in small positions in the day,23750-23950 can be operated on the front line,stop loss is around 24500 points,target 22500-22250,steady people can do more after stepping back to 22500-22250 area,stop loss Near 21850,target 23750-23950