Bitcoin is Dead? Don't think so:


This is an example of using various indicators for measuring the strength of a trend and the possibility of an reversal:

TD count 9, Fibonacci, MACD , Stoch . RSI and CCI on 1 Day Candlesticks:

If you don't know what all this means, go learn something new:
-Support & Resistance
-Stochastic RSI
-TD sequential:
评论: -Squeeze Momentum:
评论: Buy-Zone touched with TD coun 9, now testing bull-strength:
@MexFox, yea I may be on to something . Between making a fortune could you give me a heads up on the TD count colors please as I don't see a "9"
MexFox Crypt-Know
@Crypt-Know, Every Candlestick on the chart gets a number. If it is green, its above the candlestick and its counting the number of green candlesticks on the uptrend.
MexFox MexFox
@MexFox, Oh sorry i see now, Numbers are only shown before the Prediction and COunt was on 8 Red Candlesticks when i published this Idea, The "9" was the next Day ;)
MexFox Crypt-Know
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@MexFox, Thanks very much, finally I see the 9 lol. Hopefully will reclaim my lost 60% the last few months once I can become a JEDI chart reader :) Cheers for the help
New follower your chart work looks like star wars but seems SPOT on. Thanks
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MexFox Crypt-Know
@Crypt-Know, Thanks for the kind words, i like star-wars and Bitcoin is going to be the interplanetary 'Credit' so this seems reasonable.
No Problem :)
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Thanks for the links very informative. So good to buy anywhere from 3500 to 3000 ?
MexFox Miner224121
@Miner224121, thx for your comment :)
Yeah i would buy in that zone, maybe spread orders before bigger walls .
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