Now it is the dawn before the rise

You know that during the last 6 months how it went. The thing I found is that there is a classical wave pattern during the last 6 months' tendency. It's an Elliot ABC wave pattern! and now maybe it is in the triangle fluctuation, which means dawn before the rise again. And you will also want to calculate the possible ceiling floor prices it will hit for this triangle, which is about: (9800-6500) * 0.382 + 6500 = 7700(yesterday it is 7667). But maybe it is just a short back and may go to (9800-6500) * 0.5 + 6500 = 8150 or (9800-6500) * 0.618 + 6500 = 8500. But no matter which price it will hit finally, we probably have reasons to believe that now it is in the fluctuation. :)

So just wait till the price rushes out of the triangle


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