BTC/USD: Still on Path to $8200?

As we were all surprised with the cancelation of B2X             , FUD involved with BCash. Money flowing in and out of BTC             skewed all projections and now has us confused on which direction it is taking. I had initially posted an idea which was following it identically before the B2X             fork was called. Posted below.

As I do want to beleive that $7400 is a MAJOR resistance for BTC             and we should see a leg extension to $4800 so I can get a better entry point
BTC             decides to have us on a roller coaster of emotions, which is now why I am switching to the best case scenario right now. I believe BTC             will break above $7400 and have a crazy bull run up to $82-8300 sometime tomorrow. As posted on my TA 13 days ago, $8200-8300 falls on the 16th.
From there we should have a healthy non-volatile correction... Atleast I hope.
评论: Close up version of current scenario.

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评论: Break through right after that.
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评论: Breakthrough.
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