BTC game it is ready to dive soon

BTC game it is ready to dive soon
The other post falsely identified a H&S pattern on LTC. This one seems to have some lines drawn at random points that you appear to believe constitutes evidence of a drop to $1,700. I hope you're not actually investing any money in the market. :x
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Your aim is too high, maybe you should try catching it around 1266, or maybe 266, or even 31 =))) It will take a while, but hey, its bitcoin =)
TheGush airatru
@airatru, so I have a legit question. If you want BTC to drop to $31, then why are you here keeping an eye on it? You plan to short it until $0 then take profit? Then what? Can’t short it past $0... and if it goes that low, nobody will want to touch the stuff, and there will be no money to be made by ANYONE. So, why does that seem appealing to people? I can understand a short position, but I don’t get why people are on TradingView looking at BTC and going “I hope it dies and never comes back!”

If that’s the case, why are people even wasting their time looking at it and commenting on it?

I think the cryptohaters (at large, not you or anyone on here) are just pissed off because they’re like a lot of people, so far in credit card debt that they couldn’t possibly make money on this stuff. Meanwhile, people with savings and money to invest are making a killing. And they can’t stand that they’re missing out. So the next best thing is to become a hater?

I just can’t wrap my head around why anyone would want a new technology that could change the world to be stamped out- well- other than those with a vested interest in its failure (banks, government, etc).

These are real questions I’m asking. Any insight?
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jquach TheGush
@TheGush, he's trolling the author
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airatru TheGush
@TheGush, LMAO, it was sarcasm. I see so many BS graphs with no TA behind them every day here (for some reason they don't get banned), with price aiming below 6k, so I couldn't help myself, lol. IMHO, bitcoin can go naturally 7300 as lowest and it could also go 5300 as the lowest price within this year, if all wales would dump it hard like there's no tomorrow. Anything else is BS. I'm waiting for a nice bounce closer to next Christmass, at least to 30k. But I don't mind 100k either =)
Nice catch.
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