Bitcoin. Drop Sunday. Get ready to buy 10700-11000 20% profit.


Right now we're in the wave 4 of uptrend since 10210, and in wave 3 of the bigger move since 9250.
But well the chart is pretty self explanatory.

Reasons (facts) for a drop either than Elliot waves (which is tricky and people fail at drawing it all the time):
* Sunday is always bearish . If you didn't know that, go check previous Sundays.
* We are in a rising wedge too which tend to break down most of the time.
* RSI getting pretty high
* The log downtrend is at about 11500, when we reject it people are going to say "told you so" and call for 4k. But we know better and unless we lose 10700 we won't even start to consider it.

Bonus: * And yeah... Elliot waves too

This offers us an opportunity to sell, take some profit out for those in since ~9500 or since 10300, and for those that missed the whole move up, a chance to finally get in with good RR.

Buy range: 10700-11100.
Stop loss: Somewhere below 10700 - will evaluate more precisely if we get there. Depends on your own strategy tbh.
Target: 12000 first target, 13000 full target which is the target of this little cutie here:

+++ I am not a financial advisor (good luck finding one in crypto). Trade at your own risk +++
评论: Zooming in it got barely a few dollars into my bounce range and then up, out of the falling wedge. Pretty bullish.
Got a couple of hours before it tests the log downtrend.
Probably before the day closes.
评论: Wave 3 can never be the shortest.
评论: We could get this, which would be my dotted scenario.

Won't sell and won't short till we drop out of wedge, or we go past 12k and indicators all point towards a retracement.
Can't be more than 12 hours now...
评论: Boom! 2 HR inside bar formed again. Should break bearish.
Either buy at bottom of leg 4 (around 11300?) target god knows where, maybe 12k, or wait for leg 5 completion buy somewhere around 11k target 13.
评论: Also possible I was right the first time. It's one of the 2.
Either we're at wave 4 and will go higher before going to one of my 3 yellow boxes on the right of my idea, or wave 5 just ended and we're going to my new entry box.
So we would be looking at the 10700-11000 box.

Zooming out:

Zooming out even more:
评论: A bit early to post this, but if we go up from here, I can move my absolute ceiling down a bit.
Hopefully once we break levels we accelerate up as people get baited and I can close some longs and open a few shorts, cba waiting several days more.
评论: Another possibilities large scale that fits one of my small scale ones.
Sry for spam.
Think I covered them all by now.
评论: A certain whale isn't very patient I see XD
I can understand... it's so damn boring it's moving so slowly...
评论: Scenario if we break bullish the 1 hour inside bar. We would go test the downtrend, if we break that and/or the previous high we accelerate up I'l lstart selling, if we go above 12000 I start shorting.
If we go down well just buy 10700-11000 worry if it goes below.
评论: Slow and boring as expected.
3 scenarios:
1/ Reason to believe we're only going to 12k

2/ Nah 13k

3/ 13k another way to see it
评论: If you clic on play you can see the first green box got barely touched, then the yellow box barely touched too (like 25$ in each time).
Wave 3 can never be the shortest ==> deal with it.

评论: If you're still not in but want to ride the wave up, buy on a break of 11530 or on a small pullback at 11700 11800 or 12k I guess. But once we go above 12000 no FOMO won't go to 16k yet trust me (unless you're a day trader then it's whatever).

Stop loss area is still a bit under 10700, for now.
评论: Anyone that didn't know that every sunday sukkks
(apart from muslims and jews Sunday is a do nothing day for every one investors and traders included)

If the 1/4 of the world that arabs are would also sleep on Sunday it would be even worse :o
评论: Bored. Started a bet.
评论: Open = close = open = close = open = close XD

Great time to day trade kappa.
If it gets tighter than this it will reach another dimension and the universe will crush on itself.
评论: Broke bullish maybe we finally go somewhere now...
评论: Wave 3 can't be the shortest ==> Can't go above 11800 (tbh that's the only use for EW)
评论: A possible flag. The target is very close to that line (previous high 2 weeks ago).
How convenient...
评论: We're at the log downtrend didn't even notice lol.

Might be time for leg 4 / D
评论: Going as planned. For now.
评论: We should find out today if the whales decide they want to accumulate more BTC in the 9280 - 11788 range or they let it break above first to confirm it wants to go up then slap it down to accumulate above 9k.

A good read about wall street accumulation:

The thing with crypto is it's full of individual market makers, bots, and it's not just in the US it is worldwide! They can fight back, if a whale tries to scare people the market makers / bots can rob them! Power to the people!
评论: If we go down now...Zones to look at.
1- Innovation happens first
2- The scammers come in
3- Regulators start looking
Great Analysis. Thanks for the updates!
The wheelchair with "oh noes we're going to 4k" made my day xD
+1 回复
Excellent presight!
excellent. thanks. i missed the 9500 and the 10300 :-( i hope to have this time an opportunity to take the train from 11000 to 13000. to be honest i was waiting the 8800 (0.5 retracement), but btc is really bullish now, and as we saw the RSI doesn't go very low now, and more and buy orders are higher and higher as we're slowly but surely approaching the 11581. ichimoku twist acts like a kind of magnet, it gives the direction.
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MrRenev Brice_FR
@Brice_FR, Ye good RR at 11000. 8800 might happen after 13000 :) I got that ready to post for days just waiting for BTC to get close to 13k first.
Brice_FR MrRenev
@MrRenev, great :-)
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