BTC Blows up outta the inverted h&s pttern brking the neckline!

The neckline has been breached in big fashion! However not as much volume as you would anticipate to go with it....that may very well come today. it has blasted past all recent lines of resistance and now seems to be forming it's new resistance line with the green fibonacci retracement line. We may most likely see it bounce back down and see the inverted head and shoulder neck line as the current support at which point I say is the best opportunity to buy in and enjoy being back on the impending bull trend to come. I'd do any selling just below the green fib line and any buying near the thin grey head and shoulder neck line! Bring on Pamplona!!!
评论: if when it bounces off the neckline it gets a hug boost in volume its next stop could be the next fib line up at 10,087 but for now its the 50% extension of $9,435.80.
It's probably going back to the Yellow Triangle to complete the pattern before any other move. After that we may expect a big pump watching close to the Volume indicator. Thanks!
DrDovetail cryptogrowing
@cryptogrowing, Hopefully so I'd like it to dip just under 8999 hopefully even 8925 so I can buy back in at an ideal time.
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DrDovetail DrDovetail
@DrDovetail, $9500 is the first big sell wall jenga piece /domino I can see on the depth chart.
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