The Trend: EP9 -- Remaining Sensible

Howdy Yall!

I know I've missed you guys for a bit now. I feel bad about that. I'm back! I shot this video this morning, having to give my hearts best to hold back my ABSOLUTE DISGUST! ... There are people in that chat giving out advice that will really break your portfolio. I'm not going to stoop to dropping names. I think you guys will see the goodies from the badies. Its awful when the chat collapses to that level. I don't like it.

Enough of that. Lets talk about some BTC . Lets talk about the MACRO picture. Lets talk about The Trend, and talk about what way the market is flowing. Then lets flow with the market, and not flow with the sentiment of the crowd.

I love ya'll!
Did not see you for a long time, was watching the market just with one eye. I highly appreciate your charts, analysis and kind and dry words. Even if it seems to be unlikel, BTC at 4k would still be a corretion on the larger timeframes, Below that, i would think we are in longterm bear mode. We all do not have a glassball, or do we ? So lets see what the next days bring. Great work and like to see and hear you again!
Good to have you back! Thanks for update with the clarifying and detailed analysis, loving the work you put in for us. I always learn so much from your videos, it's priceless and insanely valuable information I'm always looking forward to. Have a great day, much love!
nukenowakowski JohnHazbolatow
@JohnHazbolatow, I appreciate the kind words! Thanks! I'm glad you get something from my work! Great all around!
What that water sound behind you ? I am really like it
nukenowakowski pyramids_Forex
@pyramids_Forex, Thats my fish take! Thanks!
Coinbase volume has been messed up for about a month now. I suggest you take a look on some of the other fiat exchanges, the volume differences are huge
@AnteBotic, I appreciate that. I still like Coinbase data -- I also like Gemini and Bitfinex just fine. Its possible in future video's I may use them. Thanks for dropping by!
i simply loved it. One of the few analysts on TA that puts things in perspective. Too many calls for 4k and below makes me understand that these guys 1) have recently discovered what BTC is 2) their knowledge is baked on the traditional markets.
They say BTC it soo expensive?? really? 5M coins left to be mined in the next 100 years and The cost of producing one BTC in Europe is between 8k and 11k.
Shmalick Shmalick
@Shmalick, Meant "on TradingView"
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