Meet the BTC-core-fractal: THE JOES-FRACTAL !!

SEEMED TO HAVE VIOLATED THE HOUSE RULES by mentioning my wordpress-page with the same name as my nickname here.

So here we go again: if you want to read the whole explanation ask me for the adress of the wordpress-site.

Meet the bitcoin-core-fractal: THE JOES-FRACTAL

I baptisted it JOES, my nickname:
pronounce as: USE but short/staccato like in HOUS(TON)

Forget the resistance-lines, the support-lines, the triangles, the toplines, the EMA or RSI , the waves Elliot etc.etc.

The market follows almost exact the same fractal again and again and again!!

Averse from all these indicators is it going its own way!

You can see that on 28 feb 04.00h when it crossed the big red line (from top to top 20.000-17.000-11.800) fooling everybody, making us think a bull-market was starting.

How tricked we got: the second time on 07 march 17.00 it banged again completely through it! So, some kind of collectivism is following the fractal continuously, making the same moves time after time.

I followed the last days the 1minute graph step by step: amazingly accurate.

Untill it does something unexpected!

Someone with better understanding of math and fractals could determine what happens and how it works. I found incredible things which I would gladly discuss with a person with more understanding!

Here it is, the btc-core-fractal! My JOES-FRACTAL:

You will find it everywhere for instance in the 1 minute graph:

small, bigger, higher tops, lower drops, stretched, miniaturised, slow developing or fast etc.etc. See for your self!

I discovered a pattern in the graphs from the “total-coinmarketcap”.

I then found a pattern similar in the BTC-graph.

I knew from schooltime (45 years ago!) that a repeating pattern had a name, but I forgot which, so I looked it up: FRACTAL .

From that moment on, I was studying all graphs and looking for a connection.
After one week, I found out that there was a chapter at Tradingview with fractals.

There I found someone which had the software to generate a chart with that same fractal! But..............he didn't take it serious himself. I would like to scream at him: YES, it's serious!

Here is his chart and the charts I filled in:

The fractal as it is determined in parts look at my wp-site.
and those marks in the graph:

After the lowest point at 6000 at 06 feb. at 06.00 the graph went in a direction, I first couldn't understand. It seemed we were heading for a bull-market.

After a while it started to form its first cats-ear (look at the chart here above at line 5 and line 2 - the tops! 2 cat-ears formed). But the graph went on sideways.

When breaking the red resistance-line I thought it would go up. So no fractal anymore.

I started to follow the graph and its fractals minute by minute. But the drops-down that occured (7-8 march) made me get lost in the darkness.

Untill last night. I had given up following the minutechart because of the last drop to 8400. But when I zoomed out of the graph, I suddenly saw that the fractal was still intact and developing downwards!!

How to "view" this form of the fractal?

It looks like it has rissen-up and stretched-out enormously! You almost don't recognize the fractal .

Now he has dropped a few times, it's getting clearer again!

How it looks the stretched way is to be seen at my page.
and marks filled in too.

It seems that the downwards trend is NOT overstretched and is going, almost like the other ones, in a fluid manner down.

In that case we will reach within 2 weeks the end of the tail of the fractal .

But then?

Will it start again and that time also lower? Or going for a stretched-up bull fractal?

We can't say.

If this news is going over the world then maybe the fractal gets broken!

Time will tell
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