BTC/USD: Bitcoin to $8200 before correction?

By all means ignore this idea. I have 0 TA experience, just my thoughts and some numbers that I put together that just so happened to fall on the B2X fork date.

I noticed quite a few bounces from previous ATH .
ATH X .61 always seem to be a key correction #.

First we went from $775 to to $470.
775 x 471 = $472.75

Another $2960 to $1830
2960 x .61 = $1805

Then we went to $4980 to $3000
4980 x .61 = $3037

And now we are going from $3,000 to what I believe $8200 as
8200 x .61 = $5000

Ignore the wave counts. New with charting tools.
Thanks for viewing!
评论: Looks like we will top off scratching the surface of $7500 (may trigger stop losses so wick me extend to $7550) before the next leg down.... Atleast I hope. I will be shorting soon and placing a buy order at $7010... May go as low as $6850..... or hell we can just go completely downhill from there. But so far so good, no changes made to the graph.

评论: Bouncing off perfectly... I wish I would've followed my own TA.
If it breaks above $7600 and closes.... Who knows where it's going.

Bounced perfectly off the previous green buy zone.

评论: What I'm seeing.
评论: Not enough momentum to close out onto of the resistance line.

we may be bouncing off on a downtrend for a few days. We may not retrace much if any. So trade at your own risk.
评论: Going down. I have a BTC order at $7109.
If it fails we may go down to the $6800-6900 area.

评论: Perfect bounce off the trend line. Dropped down a little faster than expected but my order got filled on the wick :)

评论: If sell pressure continues we may visit the $6800's area.

评论: If we break below the yellow support line we are headed to the 6100-6200 level. Which I'm sure that's where the whales will like to accumulate more BTC for it's last run up to the $8k level
Watching both zones closely. Hopefully I can get to night trade some of the downfall.

评论: We wont correct as much in my opinion. Not until the fork at least.
Still bullish to the $8k+ mark.

评论: Nothing has changed. I still believe BTC is not done going up yet. I'm sitting in FIAT as I type this. May go in with a little more confirmation.

评论: Peaked $7900. Volatility lost due to B2X cancellation and BCash FUD.
评论: Still headed for it's $82-8300 mark. Nothing has changed besides the crazy volatility.

If segwit2 is cancelled, maybe btc don´t go down...
@Ralebr, Maybe it's a projection from market makers.
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Ralebr jovani7919
@jovani7919, really...
Very nice!!
That’s right. All nearly perfect 61.8 Fibonacci Retracements. I, too, found this to be the next major sell off point and thought I’d do a search and see if anyone else did as well. It may be right around 8000 based on other analysis and just the fact of it being a big number to most retail traders. Definitely expecting something big to happen between 8000 and $8200.
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