I am calling it again, high is set for now for Bitcoin!

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I am going short now on Bitcoin at 8285, I will double my position that i normally have! My gut is telling me that this attempt for a new high will fail, and that it will drop hard and fast. It's a risky trade but i am going for it. I will put my stop around 8400, there is a chance it will make a new high, but i suspect it will be with low volume than. Normally i would not short this, because it should have made a smaller correction by now, but they were able to hold it and to correct it only in time. Normally that is strenght. But i am listening to my gut feeling now. I am taking a chance :)

My gut feeling was telling me this, an "ending diagional" like in the elliot wave theory. So far my timing was perfect AGAIN. Second time i have stuck out my neck again :) But this time i expect a really big drop. However, with the Bitcoin there are several forces in play so dont be stubborn and just sit and wait, if i get other signals that it is going to turn up again, i will close this position

I have just added at 8200!. I have also lowered my stop! Because if it drops it has to drop now and not get close to the 8300 again

First big support, if this one holds, than the uptrend is still intact!! It can bounce a bit ofcourse, and break it later. If it breaks immediately, than its very negative

I suspect a bit slower bearish flag now, it should stay under the red line to stay negavtive

Holy crap :) this is what i thought would happen, only it happend in 1% of the time frame i thought :)LOL

Really want to see if they cann still buy this one back up above 8100. I will clap my hands for them if they mannage to control this

I have woken up to better views :(. They have done it again, thats why i always keep saying it. Still have some profit 40 points of what was 550 points LOL. Normally i trade i would have sold already. But i realy thought this time something else was going on. If it stays under 8240 it is still negative, but the extreme negative of earlier is already long gone. Above 8240 things will probably change

Strange, even with the extra volume it has made several failed attempts. to break through the 8240. This is weakness, however it is on a smaller time frame so its not that significant. Otherwise this would be a bullish flag with targets way higher! Big chance it's gonna turn to 8100/8150 and than going to give it another try to make a new ATH. Wait and see. I am still short

And it will probably go to 8400 now. However i still have my stop around yesterdays high. If it cant break it, than this will still be an AbC correction up.
评论: i am out at 8030
评论: I have regrets that i did not close yesterday around 7800/7900. Because i was a bit to stubborn thinking it would drop much more, even though i always say that with the Bitcoin there are special forces at play. As i have mentioned before, even though i have experience, i still make some mistakes. Still a very nice winning trade of 250 points, and i called the turn downwards spot on again! The low has been set i think, it will go to 8150 now with this sprint :)

If it cant get above the bleu area, than expect something like 7850
Made a succesful pullback, now the blue area. Lets see, if it fails, i expect a fast drop again

I have shorted it at 8070 with a short stop at 8130
评论: I think it was a bad trade, but its only 20 points from my stop, so i am not going to close it now. 60 points loss is no problem, as long as the winners are bigger
评论: And i am out at 8130
评论: Iam going to short it again if it drops below 8050
评论: I am short at 8130, stop at 8210
评论: And i am out again at 8100, having second thoughts
评论: I am short again at 8160, it should have already been above 8200 already
评论: Below 8100 i will add some shorts, maybe even my own :) LOL
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I got stopped out too, what a mess, i added to teh position over and over, it was like they were using fake printed money to prop it up, never seen a stock rise like that in my 20 yrs in the market. Some other forces seemed at play here.
botje11 Krisworldwide
Yeah well that is the biggest problem with Bitcoin, corrections are almost always in a V shape. The market is just to small and way to easy to manipulate. That's why all trades are risky. It's best to recognize these things and trade on that. But thats easier said than done :)
This just in: Phil Potter claiming Tether got hacked:
Gut feeling. Always go with it. Making money on that drop. Boom =)
How low do you think it will go?
botje11 loa1111

Haha it was a very very perfect call if i say so myself :). Very difficult to say with Bitcoin. 7500, maybe even 6600 or maybe even lower. Just waiting for new signs that tell me otherwise. Difficult to point out a low
good call
botje11 Ajcrypto00
Thank you :)
I have the same feeling. 8300 Was tested but it did not stick. I think we may be heading to 7800 again. Opened a short myself and watching it fall as I type this.
botje11 Iarchas
I suspect a much bigger drop, but i am not hoping for one!! Just waiting for new signs telling me otherwise
Iarchas botje11

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