Now time to smash out a well overdue update for you all, something no other trader has picked and I wouldn’t have a clue why they haven’t, the weekend maybe they were partially sleeping. Well I am wide awake so tune in.

First I need to say while I was stuck offline you all missed out on sooo much cash, Never again I am back and I am here to stay I had a temp ban but its been rectified and we have a long road ahead.

Now Lets get to it, soo…….. the BTC is fighting away! Can it do it….

Let me explain what we have seen here on the 4H chart this is a ‘W’ that has been formed (red triangles) its an extremely bullish indicator in the TA world. It symbolises a trend reversal, I cant believe no other trader has commented on this very odd when it jump out in your face. This would be an indicator that people would invest a lot of money into from large corps but we didn't see a dollar!

Now you will see the RSI has formed a nice arc and is also displaying momentum returning. This is All good, and would be great IF we had the major corporations buying up BTC .

The only thing we are missing is the volume , we are missing this for a reason.

All we have buying at the moment is mums and dads! We need more then that for it to take off.

The powers above don’t want this move to happen and they want it down, we would see some horrible media released today or tomorrow to send us back down if we were headed up. The media release in the US was the main factor in the price drop so we need the BTC to run it’s course and go down.

Volume is the main key, picture a 800HP car you know it has loads of power to drive up a hill but if you don’t have enough petrol to get to the top you and your friends won’t be able to push it the rest of the way, you need an army of people to push that car, just like BTC .

As I mentioned in previous posts (before my ban) what BTC needed to do is break back over the 200EMA and the .618fib on the daily chart and this was an unlikely event to take place… BUT it did take place and it looked good but it was evident with our volume we would return down.

Now you will see we are back over and below .618 fib and bouncing on the 200ema, we still don’t have any volume coming in to give the BTC reason to hold above.

If you want to short you can sell the break of the 200ema and targets are black lines on the chart. I personally am not going to short as there is to much fast market movement, i will ride the wave because when we go down it will bounce up extremely fast I don’t want the stress of missing an entry due to i was sleeping.


Cash Is King! I want say a huge thank you to all the messages I received concerned about my account you guys are great! If I didn’t like you before I love you all now! I want you all to keep working with me this year and I am going to make up for my last few days offline!

I am going to do another update shortly with some secret tips just for you!
评论: looks like it will be some solid sideways action on the BTC
交易结束:到达目标: We have just hit target 2.

If you followed this trade and shorted as per instructions you would of turned a very healthy profit.
Turnover is Vanity... Profit is Sanity... But... **CASH IS KING**

This chat is for you to have fun and share, feel free to join

Hello, some update. BTC seems to be coming out of the H & S standard and forming a small bear flag? Tks
Bitcoin Cash will be King
+1 回复
Its great to have you back !
+1 回复
@ANT_808, Awesome to be back! Even better when we make some cash
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Charts are useless when the market is being manipulated, and i really don't like it that one mo-fo guy of MT-GOX can start a market crash
@GazMema, i will publish an article soon how we can turn peoples heartache and misfortune into a day of happiness and riches!
+2 回复
markdej GazMema
@GazMema, the mnt Gox sell off is indeed a thorn in the side, but we need to consider that he is just doing what he is mandated to do and is not trying to pull down the market as he actually needs higher prices to recoop more FIAT. It is a catch 22 for everyony
GazMema markdej
@markdej, that loser sold more at 6k then at 20k. :)
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