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Since April, I've learned a lot and lost a lot. It's been an uphill battle ever since. I've had 3 saves during my journey and 2 coins have saved me. LTC and BCC/BCH. Now my focus is toward BTC . We all know Segwit2x is around the corner. BGH came and went. What happened during that time? Alts got punished because people were converting their alts to BTC . BTC's price went up and alts went down. Once BTG went live, BTC went down and alts went up.
I strongly believe this cycle will happen again. But this time segwit2x, will be a bigger hit because it's rumored that institutions are backing segwit2x. There have been a few published articles mentioning 2 mining pools pulling out of the agreement and a few exchanges in South America pulling out. Then just recently, an article mentioned that one of the pools never said they were "pulling out." How do I read this? I see a lot of closed door agreements going on without us knowing what's going on. SO... Where does the average joe stand in all this? Segwit2x will have a rocky road ahead of it, however, there will be support.

What I will be doing... Im leaning for BTC for the short term but I don't care about the "free" coin. Why? Everyone else will drive BTC up in price and kill alts again. About 3 -4 days prior to the release, I'll be selling all BTC and target alts. I'm going to look at LTC but my primary love affair is BCC/ BCH. I'm hoping to cash in on BTC uptrend and buy BCC/BCH for cheap. Then ride the BCC/BCH train because their hard fork is on 11/14. An upgrade that fixes a coding issue.

China and Korea loves BCC/ BCH. BCH trading volume is insane. China might be online to trade again come Nov 1. BCH fees are cheaper than BTC or even LTC. It seems BCH and BTC will be at war with each other. Once China supports BCH, BCH will explode.

Forecast for BTC ... Tough... I would say 7200 within the next 10 days. However, psychologically every time we hit a "K" barrier (3k, 4k, 5k) it tends to pull back down. Once it hits my target price, sell and look for alts. Why would I sell my BTC b4 the release of segwit2x? Because it will be priced in when you sell your BTC at 7200.

Look at BCC/BCH!!!!!! I'm hoping to buy it at 325-375 b4 the hard fork of Nov 14

Or any alt coin that has a good market cap and trading volume . Stop looking at alts that have a market cap of 50mil with trading volumes of 100K...You'll will lose
交易开始: So Segwit2x might bigger support than BCC/BCH if coinbase is willing to trade within 24-48 hours... Might have to hold and get your coin.
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