Secret resistance spotted BTC!! Bulls beware!

The first red line is the obvious resistance....

Bulls should beware the red box. Secret resistance is there!! The bears that sell here will be aiming for a NEW LOW
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Illuminati? Masons? What is this "secret" resistance you speak of?
Secret was an awful word to use wasn't it?.... Sigh.

No, not Illuminati or masons, but a mathematical equation. Normally we'd be weeks or maybe months for that level, but as we all know BTC can move quickly....lets discuss when we reach the levels in play
jawhite tradingwithw
@tradingwithw, Hopefully we'll be discussing soon. I would love to see it back above 14k. So are you thinking there's another big pull pack once it reaches that range, or just a struggle to break through.
@jawhite, I hope so as well - I'm long crypto, but don't hold any BTC

I have no doubt the price will struggle there, but I'm not sure how we can define "big pullback" in crypto lol. The buyers (algos??) at $6,000 were the same ones between $10,500 and $12,000....they aim for $28,900. I know I know, it all sounds like I'm pulling numbers out of my ass...that is why it's best left until we reach the levels to discuss further. Proof is in the pudding as they say....I've set an alert to remind me when BTC crosses $14,000. Good luck!
that sell will be for profit taking; not for a bearish attempt; the train started to move not easy to stop quickly
tradingwithw ErsozSozer
@ErsozSozer, that zone will stop a train. The story was already hinted by the 6000 low. Bears will aim for $1500 from the red rectangle. That can start off as profit taking....lets revisit the chart when we get there.
ErsozSozer tradingwithw
@tradingwithw, I thought you were talking about 10683 resistance; everything can happen at 15000 of course...
the toughest bull would sell there and buy little lower
Explain please?
@ricsalrod, a mathematical equation. I should choose a better word than "secret". Apologies
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