347 3
There are huge amount of bitcoin which waiting to be dumped. Watch for breakout.
Smart bears giving chance to bulls for pump but bears will trigger each other eventually.
Even tiny sells causing huge drops on bitfinex. Current price is not sustainable.
评论: Pumpers failed again. Bears not dumping fast to protect fake mountain and avoid triggering massive drops but if they start to think it will drop eventually, one of the big players can dump huge amounts.
评论: I think this dump will be fastest drop ever. 3-4k is very possible within days, if market continue bearish.
评论: They are throwing hundread of btc to pump but just 20-30$ moving.
Be ready for massive drop.
评论: Market goin downward usually but time to time they are pumping to breakout. Anyway breakout is breakout, They can change price whatever they want if they have enough money. I wonder if Bitfinex taking part of pumpings. Anyway don't short it without S-L, and wait for breakout.
交易开始: This trade OK for breakout but I am creating alternative one now.
交易开始: I won't wait breakout. I am selling now with 11850 S-L.
交易开始: They have stopped pumping. I think they won't pump no more. They will just waiting for breakout. In case of upward breakout, they will wait more to better point to sell otherwise in case of downward momentum, they will sell really fast, we can see fast drop to 4.5k
交易开始: Big investors starting to dump!!!
评论: Like I said they are triggering each other. We will see 4.5k within days
交易开始: IMPORTANT: I am not saying you to sell now, you can wait breakout
评论: You can short it now. I wouldnt use more than 2x leverage. Next drop will be bigger. They just waiting for right time.
评论: Currently dumb money buying. Smart money continue to dump them at strategic points.
评论: They are selling fast until resistance levels and they are waiting at resistance levels to maximaze their profit. Because its where dumb money buy. Also thats why they buy fast when making breakout to lead market. But now they waiting at resistance for market response to sell more from higher prices before break resistance. My English not perfect, I hope you get my point.
评论: They are dumping slowly to avoid breaking resistance :D
评论: Market is vey week, Big investors can dump anytime and cause a big crash!
评论: Very very big players selling. Very big.
评论: Its crazy, I don't understand what kind of people buying now. Its clear bearish trend.
交易开始: If you havent shorted yet.
Short after breakout at 10300.
评论: We may se upward momentum for 10-20 hour
评论: I am bullish for hourly term now.
评论: I am notr now. Downside breakout very very possible but whales will decide when to breakout. Check this out :
评论: I don't know they are trying to make bull trap or market manipulation to breakout. Its really crazy.
交易开始: If anybody followed this trade comment please, I doubt there are.
交易开始: Expectiong bounce from 9500-9550 and consodilation for few hours.
Google Iceberg Orders. That will explain it. You're being scared and tricked so they can buy your BTC for a lower price.
alienalp fakhan
@fakhan, Actually most people scared. After last dips most people sold their bitcoin or they are waiting a price that close to their buy price. Only traders buying bitcoin because they believe on TA.
fakhan alienalp
@alienalp, Yeah you nailed it! That's the exact reason. First time noobs bought $20k BTC and then sold at $7k. Now they want it down at $2000 before they buy to recover their losses. However, it doesn't work that way. They don't make the markets. You should check the charts and see that 47 people own 28.9% of BTC, 880 people own 21.5%, 10,000 people own 24.8% and the rest of 20.7% is owned by all of us. Do you think that can even put a dent in market sentiment? It doesn't matter how you feel or think. They don't care about you. They know these "suckers" will buy again once they see the next bull run. They don't want to buy now but if they see a bull run to $25k they'll be the first ones to buy again. So predictable!
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