Bitcoin Multi Timeframe Analysis

Hello, here is a simple analysis on several timeframes for Bitcoin / USD on Bitfinex.
I used my custom indicator, called Cyatophilum Bands. The upper band can be used as resistance, and the lower band as support.
If price breaks below: go Short and wait for a weighty top wick or a green candle to exit.
If price breaks above: go Long and wait for a significant bottom wick or a red candle to exit.

The Cyatophilum Bands indicator can be configured on several timeframes, as such:

High timeframes
4H (240)

1H (60)

Low Timeframes
15 M

5 M

The automated alerts help to not miss opportunities.
Backtest below.
You can get it today here.

Thanks for reading ! I'll appreciate your analysis too.


My Website - Automated Strategies with Backtest and Alert Setup - Automated Strategies with Backtest and Alert Setup

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I am taking PineScript Commissions ✔


Nice! How do you like this one?

simple cross of 5 & 10 =)
+1 回复
cyatophilum purplewavez
@purplewavez, Looking nice, but high timeframes like 1D are easy to trade. ;)
Awesome works, it seem like your system is keep increasing the rate of PP and PF, keep it up Cyatophilum =D
+1 回复
@ICEKI, Thanks !
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