BTCUSD weekly bat pattern and structure pullback~

When it comes to a big slump like this, the most interesting thing is people ask much more on "when could we buy" than "how to get on the falling train".
--Just like the USOIL slump recently.

That is, I don't really buy the concept that noobs always chase high and sell low these days; for my observation, it's totally the opposite way!

The time when I'll look for buying opportunity in a downtrend MUST BE a significant larger time frame set-up;
otherwise, whenever there is momentum, my only thought is to participate the direction of the momentum--
"Even selling low is much smarter than buying the dip in a downtrend without larger time frame set-up."

In this BTCUSD example, the larger time frame has this bullish bat pattern spotting at near 3000 spot.
That is, before it reaches there or a very strong rally to change the downtrend happens , no intention to catch the knife at all.
Even if it reaches 3,000 spot, a weekly set-up still needs daily reversal sign to confirm.

Let's see how it goes!

on the right way yo
Inside week breakdown yo!
still only bearish.
(联系wechat ID: jackedutim ; 备注“Joe是爱交易”)

8/14 20:00 Joe's公开课来啦!

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