BTC textbook-like trend on December 24,short-term range focuses


  The Bitcoin market has not changed much in the short-term.As the market increase gradually stabilizes,it has basically maintained a volatile operation at around 1500 in the near future.Liao Xinchen said in yesterday’s analysis that the current currency price rise has entered a relay The current price comparison operation on the K-line is quite in line with the central extension of the twist theory.The short-term currency price will gradually retrace the test position of 22500-22250,and then resume the rise again.Continue to pay attention to the retracement situation in the day and focus on 22250-24200 break situation


  BTC short-term advice:The current currency price is relatively close to the lower edge of the central extension.You can start small positions and long orders in the 22500-22800 range.If the currency price retreats to the 22250 position,you can increase the position.The empty order waits for the currency price to rebound to the 23800-23500 position.The small warehouses will be opened in batches,and more real-time guidance,analysis and exchanges are welcome to contact Liao Xinchen(jimy38468).


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