Bitcoin Best idea Mart-May 2018.80,000 USD in early May.

I can not see future, but logarithmic chart is just perfect.
评论: For doubters
Like buyers from mars are coming
kitkat16 philrego
@philrego, exactly what the bears been saying for last 3 years lol. Said the same thing when people predicted 5k, 10k, 15k, 20k.
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philrego kitkat16
@kitkat16, I never said that then. But now literally everyone knows about btc. Everyone who wanted to buy in already has
kitkat16 philrego
@philrego, lol they have? That's where we have to disagree further.
75% of the world still has barely heard about bitcoin.
95% of the world still has no idea what bitcoin actually is.
The market cap for crypto's hasn't hit 1 trillion dollars yet.
We haven't experienced a major recession and liquidity shortage yet.
We are only ENTERING wave 3 of the first grand master cycle of elliot waves.

If you think everyone who knows about BTC has bought in, you don't understand how little of the world even know about BTC yet. It's only us younger computer generation people. Mostly males. Mostly under 35 years old.

Who do you think bought all the BTC up at 7k and 5900USD? Wall Street man. They are here. They just bought Poloniex for god's sake. Goldmann Sachs, the king of wall street, just bought Poloniex. Think about that. We haven't even scratched the surface man.
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philrego kitkat16
@kitkat16, yes 99% of the world has heard about btc. Try to find one person who hasn't heard of it. Sure most people don't know all the details but if they weren't interested when everyone was making money they won't be interested now. Look at buy bitcoin on Google trends it fell dramatically.

Wall street isnt buying crypto. They were involved in the cme contracts and it didn't exactly go well for them. Goldman Sachs is pessimistic on cryptocurrencies and isnt buying any. Look at their Twitter. It's only a company they've been invested in who s buying polo. Theres little new money coming into crypto the market cap surely doesn't show it. If you think btc is going to continuously raise year after year you're naive. We had to hit a local top at some point.
So dumb
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