BTCUSD - bear pressure but big money enter the market

BINANCE:BTCUSDT   Bitcoin / TetherUS
The price has fixed below the daily level of 6195 and this already does not look like a false breakdown. We bought from 7193 and 6856, sold in the region of 7300, then bought yesterday at 6922 again and got a stop at 6780.
According to the balanced structure, all the balances have been go down and now there is a vacuum zone up to 5585 with intermediate levels at 6260 and 5780. The priority is now short again.
The volume heat map shows that starting from 7000 to 6700, larger limit buy orders were actively executed ( The last such a large limit block is at 6500.
As a result, according balanced structure we are falling, but a lot of money enters the market by a heat map. We are not hurry to open short positions for now, but so far we are not opening buy positions. We will consider purchases if at least 1 bear balance will be cancelled (priority will change) + the price will close and holds above 6915. Or we will wait for the price below 6000. For now we have no positions. Watching...