Something is not right with BTC - Listen up.

2143 19
Currently we have dropped out of a symmetrical triangle formed by sides A, B , C .
There are 3 drops in this Symmetrical triangle measured as 9566 7182 5000.
we have hit the first drop and are working on the second drop which takes us to 7182.

- However and this is the important part, since we dropped out of the symmetrical triangle we now have a new bottom and have formed a right angled triangle with sides A B D E.
So we are actually playing in a bigger right angled triangle which now holds the smaller symmetrical triangle.
This is important because the Right angle triangle is letting us know what the future drops will be during this correction period.
The drops will be 4333 3313 and 2420 . The last value will have to be a flash crash I suspect. These values are much lower than I expected so we have to be careful in this current market.
- 'm not sure what the timeline is ( but the TD indicators show 5 more weeks of correction ) and I could be Fudging but Ive noticed the values graphed are always hit ..they are just hit out of order.

评论: ill probably get a lot of heat for this one , but this data is what is being shown in the graphs.
评论: Im wondering if there will be a Tether implosion which will trigger these values as they are out of the norm.
评论: Dont be tricked by anyone who says the correction is over at 8k . It definitely is not.
评论: Guys im out of the market for a while , Ill be back in a week or two . I don't like what im seeing .
评论: Tripple to reversal in play currently . can take us back to the 86xx zone
评论: the above should have read
Tripple top reversal in play currently . can take us back to the 86xx zone
评论: We appear to be working off this graph and heading to the 5k area,
评论: 4313 , 3313 and 2420 look to be the targets in the upcoming weeks.
评论: NO NO NO

Theres an error here in this graph and the last drop is actually the distance down from the back of the triangle to the base which puts it at around 4700. I believe this will be the final drop at around 4700.
have a good break... see u at 5k :(... hopefully 15k;)
sorry but your chart start on January 15 in a major correction like this a 1 month and a half chart will tell you nothing, a chart from 1000 to 20000 will prove you wrong
mycotoxin leandro1
@leandro1, Thanks, please be patient and wait one week.
Its possible if you look at a 1week chart of BTC it looks terrifying the EMAs just deathcrossed an the MACD is just beginning its red down hoping it reverses but if not we could see reallllllly low levels
mycotoxin KFedTrading
@KFedTrading, Good catch on that death cross I missed that one. This is not a good sign the death cross happens rarely but when it does it indicate a large negative movement.
I suggest you to take some rest.Being tired may effect your sight.
@cnbbcn, Haha thanks I love it , just wait one more week and we will revisit this comment.
cnbbcn mycotoxin
@mycotoxin, deal
I'm seeing the same as you and have it drawn out as hitting 2.5k on March 4th but the levels are easier to hit than the timing so who knows. I imagine btc may do a bull trap either here or at 5k as well.
Is current situation a bulltrap?
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