BUND - 4H - Breakout in progress?

FX:BUND   Euro-Bund
Thoughout the last year we saw a constant bull market in the Bund . now it seems its finally time for a little bit of releave (also due to stronger indicies)

we saw an impulse breakout recently violating trendlines of the recent upmove. after that we corrected upward in a slow fashion. now another impulse down become more and more likly after the hit of the 618 retrecment. so look for trendline violations.
i think we will most likly see a gartley type form - so a spike up again after hitting the first targetarea but if you want a second target zone it should be somewhere down at the retest of the next major trendline .
评论: trade is startin to set up. maybe tomorrow we can find an entry
Excellent!! Great job :)
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