DGD new rally? I think yes. dont leave this trade out.

Just DGD have made a full retracement and test 0.61 fibo, if you see the chart MACD and RSI are crossing up and becoming positive, the volume is no so good but in crypto bumps are commune and the price earn fast volume . This coin promise good fast profit. One month ago when the BTC fell down this coin was in a rising rally. Fell free to comment and follow this chart and we can know in few days what happened.
交易开始: I told you, don't miss this huge opportunity!! Enjoy.
评论: Elliott wave 3 target reached!! Time to get profit.
评论: Bullish flag? RSI and ADX indicator don´t help to this happen! but in Crypto all crazy situation could happend ;(
I should have broken out upwards with BTC down. But you could observe DVD already not reacting enough on the BTC downward movements. So it tells you that it wants to go down to the next support ina correction wave. Andthere are people taking advantage of a saturday low volume to drive it down to buy low.
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@trenncost, Yes, corrective wave 4 is forming, maybe in few hours will finish that and is good time to entrance again.
Nice call!
I should have checked this earlier. So I would have taken profits up there. But I got in pretty early when it bounced back from the support. But I hope we will make the next move as in your TA. There should be some good news over the weekend with the launch of DGX. Could lift us direction 0.64.
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