A Yearly Hanging Man

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Just a quick heads-up. On this yearly hanging man candlestick . Are we reversing??
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What does it mean when there are TWO yearly hanging mans ? which there are now ?
Enjoyed the post purely for it's unusualness. Feel that the criticism is a bit pedantic as we can pick and choose which posts we want to read. Appreciated and keep them coming.
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Hi Technician Do a 'load new bars' on your original char and see the damage being done
DOW under 16 000 = Lights out!
The Kracken?
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Yes buddy, lets wait and see whats next
mrLOBSTER Technician
It's interesting how the market is in the same position as in 1927-1929.

Martin Armstrong (28 feb 2015):
"We appear to be in that 1927 moment where the Central Banks secretly got together and tried to deflect the capital inflows to the USA to help Europe. The USA lowered its interest rates in 1927 and then was forced to raise rates virtually doubling them trying to stop the rally into 1929."

Look at this chart, do you see what its forming before that huge spike?

Same thing as now on DOW, SPX and DAX!!
If they are trying to stop the rally this time as well they just might get their wish. Excellent observation. Thanks
If the the economy goes further down -> oil price drops more -> economy goes down even more -> recession -> oil price up(cartells) -> hyper inflation.... LIGHTS OUT!
A snowball effect. However I dont think oil is going down below 28 though....
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