DJT: Falling Wedge - Another Set Up

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Those who follow this trading ideas have now net gains about more than 1.000 Points in the DJIA             , the German DAX             or the Italian FTSE/Mib (more than 3.000). So what´s next?

If you watch one by one the following trading ideas and this one as well than you might see similar pattern in diffrent markets.

So watch closely all this pattern if they might confirm next week another leg up.

If you see that stockmarket prices might go up straight again and you see any kind of accelleration than start to sell into this rally. After such a steep winning streak stockmarkets sometimes looking for a new direction over month. What i will do probably is to step to sideline and focus on very short term based trades only means for a few minutes or few hours or at least maybe a few days only.

If ever you follow this trading ideas you have still a huge gain in your profits. If stockmarkets go up by next week than use trailling stops to proctect your money. Do not stay any day longer in this market without any stop or any hedge.

评论: "Falling Wedge ----> "Continuation" pattern (not reversal as written in the Chart.
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