TVC:DXY   美元指数
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评论: So far, the green trend line is being respected. :)
评论: The down trend has been held nicely. Hope dxy moving between 99.0x and 101.6x next week :)
评论: dxy is still in the range
评论: DXY already broke the cloud. The next support should be around 98.9x
评论: DXY finally got out of the cloud which acts as a resistance. The green trend line is still valid. if 98.9x doesn't support, the next one would be the range between 97.5x
and 98.1x.....good luck!
评论: The daily candle closed below the cloud. 98.9x support still legit. :)
评论: The green trend line is still legit. Expect DXY would test the conversion line intraday on Friday.
评论: DXY left a doji daily candle for Friday and closed slightly below the cloud. To me, it's still trending down.

Have a good weekend!
评论: DXY closed above the green down trend line. However, it got rejected by the conversion line again. Likely, dxy could keep testing the last week high. Hope it forms a "W" before moving up in the cloud. The green trend line was a resistance line. Now it could become a support line. Wait to see a reversal confirmation. 98.9x would still be possible to reach.

The Renko daily has been attached. The trend has not been changed yet.
评论: DXY just did its job. If we don't see a higher high this week. likely the trend would be valid. The green trend line becomes a support line basically.
评论: DXY got rejected and left a red candle for the day. Expect it would test 99.8x. If this support holds nicely during Asia and Europe sessions, DXY would test last week high again once US market opens. Potentially, DXY would form a H&S on 4H chart which has been attached below.

评论: DXY looks like starting test 101~102.

The daily Renko trend changed.
评论: We can see DXY was test the base line and the daily candle with a long upper shadow. DXY could go back down to 100.1x before a further up.
评论: The base line was hit by the intraday high. It looks like 100.1x should be retested if dxy didn't cross over the base line.
评论: The base line became a support... 101.7x could be the next resistance ...
评论: We got an inverted hammer at the end of the day. DXY was rejected by the 101.7x resistance. the intraday high was at 101.76....expect dxy would test 100.6x
评论: Let's see if 110 can hold as a resistance....
评论: should have been 101 sry ^_^
评论: DXY broke 101. It could go to test the edge of the cloud. Yet, 101.4x could be a resistance, where is the weekly conversion line at.
评论: DXY closed below 101.4x :)
评论: Hope a daily candle would move out of the cloud in a day or two. Expect more drop toward the month end.
评论: The last week candle pattern looks bearish. I will pay close attention to the market this week. FOMC int rate decision, US debt ceiling, and Dutch general election are on the way this week.
评论: Expect DXY another leg down due to the delayed vote of health care bill. 99.0x ~ 99.2x would be a key support area. If it fails to hold that level, would go down to 98.0x ~ 98.3x area. For the upside, 100 would attract most of traders' attention.
评论: Let's see if DXY could find a support between 98.2x and 98.3x.

评论: The daily DXY has been attached here.
评论: DXY stopped at 98.858 which was the near turn lower low. For the next couple of weeks, the overhead cloud would likely be tested. Hope to see DXY in between 101 and 102.
评论: DXY did test 101.34, but got rejected. Let's see if it could hold 99.5x. If it doesn't, could see lower low 98.2x.
评论: DXY should test the conversion line next week. if it breaks 100.2x, dxy would have a lot of room to go higher. otherwise, it would keep going down to 98.2x. Expect the election in France and the tax plan in US would matter.
评论: Fed made a decision on not raising the interest rates in July FOMC meeting. DXY has been down further since then. Now, it closes slightly above the conversion line. Let's see if it's an early reversal sign.
评论: Just an observation...


yep, got a fib line exactly 101.73!
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summer6 sacrelege
@sacrelege, great, let's see if dxy would get rejected at that level :)
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