DXY Cypher Pattern, Multiple Uptrend signals

TVC:DXY   美元指数
With pretty ISM data and rebounding appoval rate of President Trump, DXY has been recovering from downtrend since Q1.

And now DXY is finishing the CD leg of cypher pattern , targeting to potential price reversal point at 95.32.

Meanwhile u can find that price is rising with higher low and high point, thus 92.7 and 93.4 now acting as new support area .

ICH cloud is showing u the potential uptrend of price, and proper strategy should be buy retracement.

Moreover, DXY and DI both showing a strong momentum from oversold area.

Be cautious to set positions immediately, wait till a right price level to pull the trigger.

Also, pay attention to correction of related assets like gold , euro , pound and usoil .