EOSBTC cup & handle to 0.00085 -> 0.0021

Hi, I have just had an epiphany by looking across EOSBTC , EOSETH, & EOSUSD:

EOSBTC is having a classic cup & handle . We may see it touching 0.00085 (.618x of the cup) before jumping to 0.0021.

This would tie EOSETH & EOSUSD together as well.

I made a YouTube video (uploading in an hour) to explain in more words.
评论: Has touched the .618x line. Need to see whether it holds above it.

If not, we'll see 0.0007
评论: List that line. More drops ahead. Soon may be doing in USD terms too.
评论: I sold, even though it still looks like a C&H. Reversal is likely not far away in time but the last stretch of drop could be quite hard. 0.0007 seems to be it.

Most likely won't go much under 0.0007; otherwise, the C&H would be invalid
评论: just shows that the market can stay irrational longer than we can stay solvent.

alts already crashed harder during the way down from 13k to 6k & many hardly recovered even though bitcoin 2x in two weeks. now bitcoin retraces (which is normal), even harder crash for alts, even NEO (airdrop?!).

having said that, since November the way up for EOS was also crazy. It works both ways

Let's hope for 0.0007 (but since I already sold my personal hope is for it to go even lower so I can pick up more).
Heads up call, I won't be too greedy letting go and setting a little lower buy. Thank you
any update?
DrJLT AsharLShahid
@AsharLShahid, I sold
Congratulations on your talent man! and Thank you for your time and expert analysis.
I like this! Hope it does it! i was wondering about when it will bottom . i put orders to add at those two levels few days ago..
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very interesting !
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